10 Reasons Why Carrots Make Great Dog Treats


If your dog has been behaving exceptional in all day and it seems to deserve rewards. Dogs are the perfect companion and a friend and it plays a vital role in every family. They are our link to connect paradise and do not know about greediness or discontent. The dogs shows unconditional love and loyal to their respective owners. They undertake many roles to perform such as hunting, protections, military and companionship, etc. Take care of dogs by giving their nutritious foods and shelter. Besides, it is quite important to take care of your dog’s health with regular observation.

All dog owners want their pet’s to be healthy and you may find some human food are given to them. Do you know ‘Are Carrots good for dogs? Yes, of course, carrots are safe for dogs. While, in some human’s food, is not adaptable in many scenarios.

Carrots contain beta-carotene – Beta-carotene is an essential antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage and a precursor to Vitamin A. It is because of the role of the cellulose in cell wall of carrots is not digestible by dogs. It may improve your dog’s vision and also reduces the risk of developing cataract. Dogs can able to absorb beta-carotene through diet and may receive immunological benefits.

Carrots are the excellent source of Vitamin-A – Vitamin A is a fat soluble that are stored in fat cells throughout body, within liver. The Vision, growth, metabolism are major things which could maintains to keep their skin & coat healthy. A carrot consists of high fiber content, low calories and antioxidants is one of the added benefits in their balanced food. For older dogs, it avoids irritation in the mouth area and it can make great supplement to your dog’s food.

Carrots are low in calories & fat – If you are looking for a low calorie food, carrots are the best choice. It contains 25 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fiber, completes 200% of our daily requirements. They are not convenient for snacking, it contains with low calories and one medium-sized raw carrot and 2 grams of belly-fiber. The carotenoids found in small carrot may protect against cancer, eating 5 servings of carrot supplies full amount of nutrients and that kind of protection provides the original attributes to beta-carotene.


Carrots are easy to grow in the garden – Carrots are simple and easy to grow in sandy soils, even for gardening newbies. They are not suitable in rocky soil in which, they will not grow in very large. They resist the most pests and diseases and are a good late season crop to tolerate frost. They grow in many varieties with certain colours from purple to white.

Carrots are a common Household staple – Carrots are dogs treat and it is one of the few veggies which are treats for them and Laika dog breed goes bonkers for them. The average American eats 10.6 pounds per year which is less when compared to laika (i.e) Laika dogs eat more than that.

Carrots are inexpensive – Carrots are one of the most inexpensive food in my home. The average cost of carrots per pound in the United States is $67, while baby carrots are $1.27 per pound. Usually, puppy was teething at the time, carrots are packed with vitamins enriches their gums and the teeth will grow stronger. They can be stored in tubs of moist sand for winter use and you may have mature carrots in soil for storage in the ground will not freeze.

Carrots are high in soluble fiber – It is considered as an essential nutrient for your dogs with multiple benefits. It helps to solve digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation and even anal gland issues in dogs. It maintains or controls diabetes of your pet and supports to reduce weight management. By adding carrots to its diet overcome the losing of stools and helps to add larger amount to his stools. When they lack in fiber, it leads to Gas and intestinal upset make your dog fainting. Taking excess amount of fresh water assist fiber through digestive system.

Raw carrots make a great dog chew – Many dogs love crunchy snack and it’s hard to find something that suits than a sweet carrot. The carrot pieces are loved by dogs specially for chewing or rather using a whole carrot/puree form is prone to digest strain for your dogs. These treats are enough to cure cavity problems. Brushing your dog’s teeth on daily basis and cleaning them in regular basis is an effective way to prevent from diseases.

Carrot make great Kong stiffer – Combining the daily food with cream cheese acts as binding agent, and it looks like a smear peanut butter on a piece of bread which fold it over stuffed substances inside the Kong is Kong stuffers. Though, Kong suits well in their diet, carrot are preferred mostly as the favourite one. The most challenging part is to freeze some broth & carrots inside a Kong for few hours (note: the frozen one may keep Laika busy nearly up to 30 minutes).

Carrots are easy to prepare – Cellulose surrounds the cells of carrots which are made up of sugar molecules. As a raw one, it sustains the nutrients of carrot and dogs could not metabolize. The raw carrot should be well cooked to get their nutritional benefits and the low calories will have little fat. If they are cooked well, it breaks down the cellulose molecules and the nutrients are more accessible.

So, carrot assures you, with all an effective benefits which encourages your dog’s health.

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