Akita Puppies Facts


Akita Puppies of Japan

Akita puppies are the national dogs of Japan. They were the symbol of aristocracy and are considered as natural monument. These Akita puppies were expensive and highly revered too. The noble class people owned this breed of dogs. In earlier days, they were used as hunter for the bear and boar. Their roles as Imperial guards were in high demand. Today they are mostly the therapy dog and guard dog.

Akita puppies belong to the spitz breed. They are the largest of this type of breed. Akita puppies are large and quite muscular. They are found in almost any color. They walk with lot of dignity and are extremely courageous by nature. Other qualities of Akita puppies are extreme sense of alertness and ability to respond fast. They are extremely good swimmers too as the paws of the Akita puppies are webbed. The temperament of Akita puppies is mostly quiet but they can get aggressive seeing other puppies. They are very intelligent and spontaneous. They do not fear anything. They simply love their families and are great companions. Akita puppies are very loyal too. They are aloof to strangers. These Akita puppies cannot stay alone for a longer period.

Akita puppies have double coats. The outer coat is a bit harsh and stands off the body. The under coat is dense and lies close to the body. Proper grooming with regular brushing is essential. They work and stay well with love, attention and gentle care.

Akita puppies are peoples’ best companions.


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