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Australian Shepherd puppies – your original sheep dog

If you are looking to keep Australian shepherd puppies as pets, there are a few points to ponder upon. This pup when it grows to be a dog would do poorly if he is kept in an apartment. These are dogs with great intelligence and they are made to think and work. They perhaps require a farmyard to run about or a fenced enclosure. They form a good bonding with the family and would take up much of your time and attention. They would follow the master everywhere like the faithful “little lamb” and they would want to ride in cars or help you with the daily chores. If left alone for a long stretch of time they would become destructive. They need to be well socialized with children.

An Australian shepherd pup would grow up to twenty to twenty three inches and weight somewhere around 50-65 pounds. The females are a little lesser than that. The pup needs a lot of grooming with a bristle brush and that would help to keep his coat healthy. Brushing would help to make her close to you as you go about doing this regularly with him. The coat is of medium length and coarseness. He should be made to brush his teeth regularly. These pups grow to become loving pets and live between 12 to 16 years if brought up with care and they live under good medical conditions.

Your Australian shepherd pup is the livestock breed that got developed in the western part of America but they do have their origins in Australia.

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