Basset hound puppies

basset hound puppies







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The development of the Basset hound puppies is supposed to be from a mere curiosity. It is believed that in the 16th century in France, a mutation led to the birth of short legged puppies. These puppies were then bred together, which resulted in the short and long bodied hounds.

The Basset Hound puppies are long but are low to ground. This means that their height is short. It is heavy boned having a solid appearance. Their chest nearly touches the ground and is broad and deep. Their deep muzzle and long ears up to a certain limit resembles like the head of bloodhound. Again, their ability in terms of scent is almost similar to that of a bloodhound.

Coat of a Basset Hound Puppies is short and dense, which can be easily kept and the coloration is like any other recognized hound. The front leg of the basset hound puppies is crooked or bowed and makes only one third of the total height.

These types of puppies are vulnerable to back problems. So, it is always advised that they should be properly taken care off and watched. Besides, this is also a type of breed that has the tendency to become obese, if they are not having a proper diet or are not well exercised. Basset hound puppies are generally placid but sometimes are stubborn too. So, at times during their training they become very hard to handle.

It is a type of breed that needs training early to follow their masters’ instruction whenever called for.

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