Beagle Puppies facts

beagle dog

Beagle Puppies – large brown eyed darlings

The word Beagle is derived from the French word “begueule” which means an open wide mouth. The French “beugler” means “bellowing” and the German word “begele” means to scold. Whatever, be the actual connotation, the beagle is noted for its peculiar call, almost like a fox or a jackal.

The Beagle pup looks much like the Foxhound. Its head is broader and the muzzle looks much shorter. The legs are much shorter in relation to the body and they look absolute darlings, the females being a little shorter than the males. They have extremely beautiful eyes, which are large, brown, hazel with a pleading look in them. The ears are long and rounded at the tips. The pups have a slightly curved tail with a tip of white.



The Beagles appear in a variety of colors and there are large, areas of black and brown shading and they can have any hound color. White and tan are the two most common varieties for the pups. There are ticked or mottled colors available like the blue-ticked beagle and the tri-color beagles also look wonderful.


The Beagle has a very gentle disposition and even temper. The Beagle pup is usually merry and not aggressive. They are amiable and can be called real timid at times. They enjoy the company of people but they are usually a bit distant with strangers. They are good guard dogs and a Beagle Pup can be trained up as one. The Beagle is an intelligent dog and quite obedient. They are determined and single minded and are hard to train at times.

A Beagle pup is excellent with the children but they suffer anxiety of separation if they are left alone as pups and also when they grow up. Just because they tire off easily with exhaustion, they should be made to rest after some hard exercise.

beagle puppies facts


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