Black Labrador Puppies Facts

Black labradorBlack lab puppies – Black beauty to your company

Popular Labrador Retrievers

Black lab puppies are Labrador retriever which retrieved its short name Lab from the parental breed Labrador, which is the most popular class of dog in the globe. Labs got their chic looks from their parental breeds. Normally, male would have a block head while female would show feminine looks with small head. A good, healthy puppy would have a tail with wide base and narrowing point. Black and beautiful lab puppies are adorable and stretch each eye to them.

Strong qualities of a companion dog

Black lab puppies inherit strong qualities from its genetic breeding. They are known as and are popular as assistance dog because they are exceptional gentle, good natured and affable. Labs are excellent companions as they are energetic and intelligent.

Black Labrador puppies
Family pet

Black lab puppies are loving companions, well tempered and accommodating. They go along with the children and also with other pets in the home. Labs are known as family dogs because their love for humans. They have got fun loving heart which makes them social and active. They love to play in water and to play with you and a tennis ball. They are food and fun oriented.

Train and praise black beauties

Temperament of labs is somewhat difficult to control without proper training. With good training and gentle guidance, the lab are the most obedient, multi-talented and dependable hybrids in the world. Just like any pretty woman, these black beauties love positive attention and praise.

black labrador puppies facts


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