Top 25 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds


Dogs breeds that need the least of maintenance

Owning a dog does make for a tempting proposition though not every breed can suit all. Sure they all grow up to become lovable members of the family, one that will remain loyal to you and provide you with true companionship.

However, it will always be wisest to make informed choices before opting for any as dog breeds differ vastly on account of the maintenance they need, their shedding pattern or how adaptable they are to a given training regime.

Mentioned here are 25 dog breeds that require the least maintenance.


25 Doberman Pinscher: They have low maintenance requirements and are relatively easy to train. Shedding which can be the biggest nuisance for any pet owner is also moderate. That is not all as just about a medium exercise regimen will also be enough for a Doberman Pinscher to be in good shape, and can go on to live for 11 years on average.


24  Weimaraner: It’s another dog breed that require minimalistic grooming while also being easy to train as well. They are not known to shed much too but require a stringent exercise regime for them to live a long and healthy life. As for its life expectancy, a Weimaraner can go on to live for 11 years on average.


23 German Shorthaired Pointer: Low on grooming while being easy to train, the German Shorthaired Pointer however require some serious exercise to be in good shape. Shedding is just about moderate and can go on to live for 13 years on average.


22 Cane Corso: Having a Cane Corso around can be an extremely fulfilling experience given the minimum grooming they need. That coupled to the ease with which they can be trained along with moderate shedding and medium exercise requirements make Cane Corso like an easy-going friend to be with. They can go on to live for around 11 years.


21 Vizsla: With an average life expectancy of around 12 years, Vizsla is another one to not be too bothersome to its owner. They have low grooming needs, are relatively easy to train and require moderate levels of exercise. Then they are not known to shed much as well.


20 Staffordshire Bull Terrier: With just about minimal shedding, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier will no doubt appeal to the fussy owners though that isn’t the only thing to like about the Bullies here. They have low grooming needs and are easy to train as well, besides requiring just about moderate levels of exercise. Average life expectancy is around 13 years.


19 Rottweiler: Besides being of the low maintenance type, another nice quality of the Rottweiler is that they are easy to train as well. These apart, they require medium levels of exercise and shed only moderately. As for its life expectancy, Rottweilers are known to live for around a decade.


18 Rhodesian Ridgeback: With minimum of shedding and easy trainability, the Rhodesian Ridgeback also appeals with its minimalistic grooming needs. Further, moderate levels of exercise should also be enough for them. Average life expectancy of the Rhodesian Ridgeback stands at 11 years.


17 Pug: They have low maintenance requirements but shed a lot. Then they are hard to train as well but again, need just light exercise. It’s like being on opposing extremes. Pugs however have an average life expectancy of around 14 years.


16 Great Dane: The huge dog that it is, Great Danes however can be easy to own given their low grooming needs. Then they are quite easy to train as well and do not need much of exercise either. They shed moderately but have a relatively short average life span of just 7 years.


15 Dogue de Bordeaux: A dog breed that need less of exercise and are easy to train as well, Dogue de Bordeaux also impresses with its minimalistic grooming needs. Shedding is moderate while the average life expectancy of the Dogue de Bordeaux has been found to be around 11 years.

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Pit Bull
It’s not for nothing that the American Pit Bull Terrier is often the first choice for those engaged in dog-fighting even though the sport is illegal in most countries worldwide. It’s their sheer bite strength along with resilience to pain that make the Pit Bull a feared dog breed. That said, one that has been raised well can prove to be extremely friendly and obliging besides being a fierce protector of your family or property.

Yellow lab puppies facts

Yellow Labrador Puppy

Your affectionate and friendly Yellow Lab Puppy

In way back 1899 at Major C.J. Radclyffe’s kennel the first yellow Lab puppy was born. They called him “Ben of Hyde” affectionately.

Yellow Lab puppies are very loving and accommodating thus giving you an ample room to pet them.

These puppies have an average weight of 60 to 75 lbs and an average height of 22 to 24 inches. Their coat is short and hard and also water resistant. Yellow Lab puppies have a good temperament. Sociable, dependable, affectionate, friendly, endearing, intelligent, trustworthy are few temperaments to highlight.

Diet is very crucial for the yellow lab puppies, as they tend to eat everything they get. Hence proper balanced recommended diet to be given. They should have a separate place to eat as because they tend to get used to human food if served on the table.

The Labs need routine exercise daily to maintain their health. The pleasure of petting a yellow Lab is that your exercise can be jointly done along with your pet. For example: Take your Yellow Lab for jogging and it definitely keep your pet fit and healthy.

Your yellow lab puppy can be easily groomed at home. They should have a bath when required. Weekly brushing and toenail trimming is compulsory. To take care of the emotional requirement of the Yellow Lab puppies, toys should be provided to them, which they would chew for hours and entertain themselves. It also serves as a good exercise to their jaws.

The yellow Labs play a major role in the police, detection and rescue team.


Golden retriever puppies Care

golden retriever care

Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs that are generally very friendly in nature. They don’t require so much care and maintenance from your side. All they need is love and affection and they can mingle with people readily.

Feeding is very important in taking care of your dog. You must feed him at regular intervals with adequate quantity of food. Follow regular timings for feeding your puppy so that the digestive system will get used to it.

You must not feed your puppy too much and let it become obese. To maintain proper health you have to take your puppy for a walk before its meal. You have to provide balanced diet for your puppy. The puppy must be made to drink plenty of water.

Golden retriever sheds fur all the year round and you must brush your dog regularly to keep its fur clean. But you need not bathe your dog daily. You can use mild bath soaps and wash your puppy with water occasionally.

You must let your puppy socialize within a few weeks after you bought it home. The behavior of the puppy will depend on its initial days at home. All it requires is your love and care. This dog hates to be in aloof and it will get upset if it is left uncared.

You must treat your puppy as child. You have to praise him when he does right and scold him when he goes wrong. A golden retriever can understand your moods and can be a good companion for you when you nurture him affectionately.


Training your puppies some tips

Groom your puppies to be obedient and affectionate

husky puppies

The character that is built in one’s childhood will last till the end of his life. This is true with the puppies also. Puppies should be trained so that they become obedient, loving and affectionate pets.

Puppies learn more quickly and do understand your commands and instructions. The training and the manner in which you bring them up will affect its behaviour until its last breath. Well, take care that your puppies are groomed to be part of your family. You can go for training puppies at home, take them to dog schools, or call in an expert.

Praising and petting are the two basic ways in early years of training puppies. Though it could be silly for you, these are the best ways to start up with your little ones. Reward them when they deserve it and pet them when they ask for attention, which makes the relationship between you and your puppies more established.

A good dog is one that is obedient. While training puppies, do not try to beat it, pull his collar, or scold him unnecessarily. Try to discipline it by giving away awards, which are real encouragements to the little puppies.
Puppies piddle frequently and it is better to train them to take an appropriate place for it. Always take him outside or to a convenient place for toilet when he shows tendencies to piddle. Only a good training will develop this habit.
Start training puppies when he reaches home. A good training brings rewards.


Lhasa apso puppies facts


Lhasa Apso Puppies-The Hairy And Furry Cute Pups

These puppies originally belonged to Tibet and were considered very sacred breed of dogs. They were found as guard dogs in monasteries for over 2000 years. They were mainly found with the nobles and holy men.

These Lhasa Apso puppies are mostly found in black, gray, white and brown. These puppies have a long double coat draped on the entire body. It actually touches the floor and covers the eyes too. Within this hair on the face lie the dreamy, mischievous and attentive eyes of the Lhasa apso puppies. They are extremely spirited breed of puppies. This breed of puppy is very hardy and exudes air of dignity. They are the man’s best companions.

This breed of dog exhibits dual temperament. On one hand they are very loving and extremely devoted to their owners but on the other hand they always want to live on their own way. They crave for attention and want to be the most important member. They enjoy fun and is spontaneous by nature. They have an extremely good hearing power and sense of agility. This characteristic makes them the best watchdogs. They hate to be left alone for an extended period of time. They might adopt a biting tendency if they get angered.

As they have the long fur coat adequate and proper brushing is extremely important. Regular brushing will prevent the tangles on the fur. They are prone to ear infections and eye problems. Kidney disease is another serious ailment quite common with this breed.

A Lhasa Apso puppy is a great apartment dweller and does not even need any small backyard so fits our contemporary homes very well.


Golden retriever puppies facts

Golden retriever puppies

The Golden Retriever Puppy is your Golden Family Member

The British Isles first developed the Golden Retriever possibly crosses among-st yellow colored Retriever and light colored Tweed Spaniels. They are marvelous family dogs.

The Golden Retriever puppies when grows up to gain an average weight of 55 to 80 pounds with an average height of 22 to 24 inches.

Golden Retriever puppies are very endearing, well behaved, and intelligent and are very appealing. They are very tolerant and tender with children. They are very friendly to all the members of the family.

Golden Retriever puppies can be easily trained as they enjoy of showering much of gratitude to their master. Golden Retriever broadly being a watch dog signals loudly when a stranger approaches. Narcotics discovery, retrieving, tracking, hunting, are some of the important skills of the golden retriever.

The Golden Retriever puppy has a golden coat which is water repellent with the undercoat being dense. It has a broad head with a narrowing but broad commanding muzzle. They have scissors bite with an apparent forward stop. They have passionate eyes medium sized ears and black nose gives them a very modest look. You would like the long tail which is not at all curly giving it a very touchy finish.

Basic grooming in puppy works with them who learn the process easily and even enjoy it. Please do not forget that this breed is double coated. As they shed, some fundamentals need to be attended. Their ears are to be cleaned very often which is bound to keep them healthy.

Once properly groomed and trained your Golden puppy would become an intelligent family member.


Yorkshire terrier puppies facts

Yorkshire terrier puppies

Yorkshire terrier puppies: Best pet for any home

Over the past many years, Yorkshire terrier (simply called the Yorkie) has become one of the most adored and well-liked toy breeds. They are popular not only in America but also in different parts of the world. Yorkie puppies have a black coat at the time of birth, which gradually lightens to silvery blue. They also have tanned legs and head during the first years of their life.

In terms of personality, Yorkshire terrier puppies have a very distinct one which is mixed with a playful demeanor. These puppies are very much friendly and love being kissed and pampered. However, a lot of care and attention is required when they are babies.

Besides, combing and brushing their silky, long fur on a regular basis is very much essential. If you are busy on your schedule, then you should hire a professional, who will do the same task for you. You should always make sure that their hairs are kept out of their ear passages and eyes.

Yorkshire terrier puppies are very much delicate, and so they require a lot of care. So, it is always recommended that for young children, it should not be used as pets. So, all the pros and cons should be kept in mind before the purchase of a Yorkie.

Yorkshire terrier puppies are appropriate pets, if you are living in city areas. They also greatly adapt themselves to the family’s activity level. Therefore Yorkshire terrier puppies, which are a complete pet in itself, are perfect for any home.


Border collie puppies facts

border collie puppy

Border collie puppies – define borders for them to work with you

Most intelligent dog

Border collie comes from the border country of Scotland and England and is a herding dog breed. These breed is highly popular as most intelligent dog over the world. Border collie puppies inherit high energetic genes from their parenting breeds and now became favorite sports and pet dogs. With their sharp brain and lively activities they could feel up the life of a human with warm affection.


Border collie puppies are more known by their working standard, then their looks. Usually, they are medium sized dogs with 25 to 55 pounds weight and with moderate amount of coat that can be medium, smooth or rough. General border collie colors are black, reddish-brown, black with tan and sometimes, merle, usually all with white marks.

Training and temperament

Border collie puppies are smartest dogs that can be trained well. Wide range of physical activities of these pups includes biking, jogging, walking or playing for hours. These extra brisk pups would require 2 years of prime training to make them learn the things. They need time, dog handling skills and patience to learn. Once trained, this extra ordinary pup will be your best companion dog both for your work and play. They are so lively that they participate in every phase of human activity and are always on the go.

Border collies are a commitment, as they are demanding and acts to control any movement in a house. A dedicated owner of this functioning dog needs to give it enough physical and mental simulation to work on.


Blue Pitbull puppies facts

Blue pitbull puppies

Blue Pitbull puppies – raise with care!

The blue Pitbull or the American Pitbull terriers are good pets, worthy protectors and great companions. The blue pitbull pups are in high demand although the others with fawn colors and red nose are still good to look at. These pups possess a good bloodline and would carry on anything you ask them to do. Their temperaments and health are the main goal. These rare blue pitbull puppies love human beings to touch them. They have a sportive nature and they are filled with affection. These little grumpy faced darlings have large hearts and they are always ready to please.

Online you can look at the many resources for finding a rescue or a breeder of pitbull puppies.

There is some idea about pitbull that they are human aggressive which they are not. They are actually very gentle dogs and they are good to children. They were actually referred to Nanny’s dog and that wasn’t for nothing. The pit bull puppy is trained from the onset and it grows up to be a very intelligent dog used in rescue and search work and also as bomb sniffers. They are also used as Therapy dogs. They always help people out emotionally and they are excellent companions at the therapy clinic.

As for pitbull pups, the “curse of cute” falls upon them and they are chosen as pups because they look awesomely sweet but later abandoned because the owners cannot manage the dog. Pit bull pups are real cute. Millions of pitbull are surrendered to the rescue houses because owners fail to cope up with their attitudes. There are so many homeless pit bull terriers that lose their lives in sheer agony. There is a great responsibility on the breeder who breeds numerous puppies but fail to find them good homes and responsible owners. The lot of the cute looking blue pitbull puppies is real bad. That is a stopper, and here’s calling all pitbull lovers on what should be done?

blue pitbull puppies