Border collie puppies facts

border collie puppy

Border collie puppies – define borders for them to work with you

Most intelligent dog

Border collie comes from the border country of Scotland and England and is a herding dog breed. These breed is highly popular as most intelligent dog over the world. Border collie puppies inherit high energetic genes from their parenting breeds and now became favorite sports and pet dogs. With their sharp brain and lively activities they could feel up the life of a human with warm affection.


Border collie puppies are more known by their working standard, then their looks. Usually, they are medium sized dogs with 25 to 55 pounds weight and with moderate amount of coat that can be medium, smooth or rough. General border collie colors are black, reddish-brown, black with tan and sometimes, merle, usually all with white marks.

Training and temperament

Border collie puppies are smartest dogs that can be trained well. Wide range of physical activities of these pups includes biking, jogging, walking or playing for hours. These extra brisk pups would require 2 years of prime training to make them learn the things. They need time, dog handling skills and patience to learn. Once trained, this extra ordinary pup will be your best companion dog both for your work and play. They are so lively that they participate in every phase of human activity and are always on the go.

Border collies are a commitment, as they are demanding and acts to control any movement in a house. A dedicated owner of this functioning dog needs to give it enough physical and mental simulation to work on.


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