Golden retriever puppies Care

golden retriever care

Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs that are generally very friendly in nature. They don’t require so much care and maintenance from your side. All they need is love and affection and they can mingle with people readily.

Feeding is very important in taking care of your dog. You must feed him at regular intervals with adequate quantity of food. Follow regular timings for feeding your puppy so that the digestive system will get used to it.

You must not feed your puppy too much and let it become obese. To maintain proper health you have to take your puppy for a walk before its meal. You have to provide balanced diet for your puppy. The puppy must be made to drink plenty of water.

Golden retriever sheds fur all the year round and you must brush your dog regularly to keep its fur clean. But you need not bathe your dog daily. You can use mild bath soaps and wash your puppy with water occasionally.

You must let your puppy socialize within a few weeks after you bought it home. The behavior of the puppy will depend on its initial days at home. All it requires is your love and care. This dog hates to be in aloof and it will get upset if it is left uncared.

You must treat your puppy as child. You have to praise him when he does right and scold him when he goes wrong. A golden retriever can understand your moods and can be a good companion for you when you nurture him affectionately.


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