Yellow lab puppies facts

Yellow Labrador Puppy

Your affectionate and friendly Yellow Lab Puppy

In way back 1899 at Major C.J. Radclyffe’s kennel the first yellow Lab puppy was born. They called him “Ben of Hyde” affectionately.

Yellow Lab puppies are very loving and accommodating thus giving you an ample room to pet them.

These puppies have an average weight of 60 to 75 lbs and an average height of 22 to 24 inches. Their coat is short and hard and also water resistant. Yellow Lab puppies have a good temperament. Sociable, dependable, affectionate, friendly, endearing, intelligent, trustworthy are few temperaments to highlight.

Diet is very crucial for the yellow lab puppies, as they tend to eat everything they get. Hence proper balanced recommended diet to be given. They should have a separate place to eat as because they tend to get used to human food if served on the table.

The Labs need routine exercise daily to maintain their health. The pleasure of petting a yellow Lab is that your exercise can be jointly done along with your pet. For example: Take your Yellow Lab for jogging and it definitely keep your pet fit and healthy.

Your yellow lab puppy can be easily groomed at home. They should have a bath when required. Weekly brushing and toenail trimming is compulsory. To take care of the emotional requirement of the Yellow Lab puppies, toys should be provided to them, which they would chew for hours and entertain themselves. It also serves as a good exercise to their jaws.

The yellow Labs play a major role in the police, detection and rescue team.


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