Top 25 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds


Dogs breeds that need the least of maintenance

Owning a dog does make for a tempting proposition though not every breed can suit all. Sure they all grow up to become lovable members of the family, one that will remain loyal to you and provide you with true companionship.

However, it will always be wisest to make informed choices before opting for any as dog breeds differ vastly on account of the maintenance they need, their shedding pattern or how adaptable they are to a given training regime.

Mentioned here are 25 dog breeds that require the least maintenance.


25 Doberman Pinscher: They have low maintenance requirements and are relatively easy to train. Shedding which can be the biggest nuisance for any pet owner is also moderate. That is not all as just about a medium exercise regimen will also be enough for a Doberman Pinscher to be in good shape, and can go on to live for 11 years on average.


24  Weimaraner: It’s another dog breed that require minimalistic grooming while also being easy to train as well. They are not known to shed much too but require a stringent exercise regime for them to live a long and healthy life. As for its life expectancy, a Weimaraner can go on to live for 11 years on average.


23 German Shorthaired Pointer: Low on grooming while being easy to train, the German Shorthaired Pointer however require some serious exercise to be in good shape. Shedding is just about moderate and can go on to live for 13 years on average.


22 Cane Corso: Having a Cane Corso around can be an extremely fulfilling experience given the minimum grooming they need. That coupled to the ease with which they can be trained along with moderate shedding and medium exercise requirements make Cane Corso like an easy-going friend to be with. They can go on to live for around 11 years.


21 Vizsla: With an average life expectancy of around 12 years, Vizsla is another one to not be too bothersome to its owner. They have low grooming needs, are relatively easy to train and require moderate levels of exercise. Then they are not known to shed much as well.


20 Staffordshire Bull Terrier: With just about minimal shedding, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier will no doubt appeal to the fussy owners though that isn’t the only thing to like about the Bullies here. They have low grooming needs and are easy to train as well, besides requiring just about moderate levels of exercise. Average life expectancy is around 13 years.


19 Rottweiler: Besides being of the low maintenance type, another nice quality of the Rottweiler is that they are easy to train as well. These apart, they require medium levels of exercise and shed only moderately. As for its life expectancy, Rottweilers are known to live for around a decade.


18 Rhodesian Ridgeback: With minimum of shedding and easy trainability, the Rhodesian Ridgeback also appeals with its minimalistic grooming needs. Further, moderate levels of exercise should also be enough for them. Average life expectancy of the Rhodesian Ridgeback stands at 11 years.


17 Pug: They have low maintenance requirements but shed a lot. Then they are hard to train as well but again, need just light exercise. It’s like being on opposing extremes. Pugs however have an average life expectancy of around 14 years.


16 Great Dane: The huge dog that it is, Great Danes however can be easy to own given their low grooming needs. Then they are quite easy to train as well and do not need much of exercise either. They shed moderately but have a relatively short average life span of just 7 years.


15 Dogue de Bordeaux: A dog breed that need less of exercise and are easy to train as well, Dogue de Bordeaux also impresses with its minimalistic grooming needs. Shedding is moderate while the average life expectancy of the Dogue de Bordeaux has been found to be around 11 years.

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