Blue heeler puppies facts

Blue Heeler puppies

Pets at home; go for the powerful Blue Heeler

Looking for an intelligent, friendly and loving dog, then go for the Blue Heeler puppies. Very hard and tough dog, the Blue Heeler has now gained popularity as pets. Also known as Queensland Heeler and the Red Heeler, they are cattle dogs.

Buy Blue Heeler puppies as they go well with the owner and with children. Blue Heeler puppies, which are easily trainable, are loyal to the masters. Dominant of other breeds, these powerful dogs are good watch and guard dogs.

With a short double coat that can be either red with speckles or blue with speckles, the Blue Heeler is very agile on its feet. The ears stand up pointed and straight at the top of his head. He has a broad skull with a deep muzzle. When born, the Blue Heeler Puppies are all white and later on only develop the colors on its coat.

As the breed has become popular as a pet, it is easy to get your Blue heeler puppies from the local pet store or breeder. If you want to know more about Blue Heeler puppies, then the Internet is the best place, which has vast information on various sites. You can also buy online your favourite Blue Heeler puppies.

Once you buy Blue Heeler puppies, utmost care is needed. Brush its fur coat once a week. Make sure that your puppy gets good exercise and also impart good training to make it obedient, as these dogs are a bit stubborn in its character.

blue heeler puppies facts

How to take good care of your Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu little dog

Here are some tips for owners of Shih Tzu to take proper care of them

Pets are counted among the most lovable and friendly creature especially puppies and dogs. There is no lack of the people all over the world who love to keep a puppy pet in their home as a family member. Shih Tzu are known as the great companion of human being; they are basically the descendants from the royal Chinese dogs.

Bathing and brushing
You need to bathe your dog once in a week. You can comb the hair of your cute pet every day for prevention of matting of fur. You need to understand well that Shih Tzu doesn’t have fur but a coat of hair that won’t shed. They just need proper care of their hair to avoid mess of hair and knots. You should also pay special attention to hair around the eye of your pup as long hair can interrupt their sight and come in between of her food and water. You can solve all the hair related problems in your Shih Tzu by just trimming them.

shih tzu cute

Socialize your dog well
You might be afraid of taking your puppy out and letting him meet other dogs. Well, you should allow your Shih Tzu to meet other dogs from the very early age as it will make him socialized. If you will let your puppy experience the life outside the home, he/she will gain more experiences and feel familiar with other people as well as animals.

It is also important to take your dog out in the town so that he will not be scared of lights, noises, vehicles and various urban activities. You can also give him a teething ring as Shih Tzu tends to chew a lot in their early age; later you can make him stop this habit through proper training.

Shih Tzu needs to start exercise even when they are puppy. They are sturdy and strong and that’s why, they don’t have any problem in getting dirty more or less often. They should be offered sufficient space to stretch their body and play. They love playing with toys, so you should buy some for him and also plan regular visits to the dog park for him/her.
The last but not the least to know is that they are very sensitive to hot environment so you need to take special care of them in summer season. You should take care of providing proper shade and cool water to your Shih Tzu to withstand hot climate.

how to take care good shih-tzu

The World’s 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

White husky

Dogs have often been termed as a man’s best friend and that is not without reason. The humble four legged creatures might not be on the same plane as we humans but they always seem to have a fairly accurate idea of what cooking in their master’s mind.

They can be the ultimate stress busters and will always be there to give us company, be it during times of joy or sorrow. That they do have a clear insight to our heart and soul makes them so very close to us. The connection seems to be far deeper than anything that can be physically perceived.

However, so much for all the friendship that dogs have come to symbolize over the ages, the underlying fact that again can’t be denied is that such friendship might often come at a price. Dogs may not have the luxury of choosing their masters but we do have that. And it’s here that the price factor comes in, vis-a-vis all the different breeds that dogs come in.

From size to their general behaviour, or just sheer looks, there are a lot of factors that require careful consideration before zeroing in on a particular breed to own and nurture.

Mentioned here are 10 of the most expensive breeds of dogs to help you get started.


#1 Basset Hound: They are characterized by their large droopy ears though it’s their keen sense of smell that the Basset Hounds are better known for. From being the cuddly little furry thing to one that you can trust on to keep an eye on your wards, Basset Hounds comes across as a well-rounded package, with its strong sense of smell coming in as an added bonus. Prices range from $1200 to $1500.


#2 Bernese Mountain Dog: They might be mistaken for a St. Bernard but for its smaller dimensions. Then there is a reason for that too given that both share a common ancestry and that they both hail from The Swiss Alps. Perhaps that also explains their soft and gentle nature. Then they are easy to train too but require large stretches for they are equally fond of running around a bit as well.

However, they might cost $2000 for a puppy but is worth every bit of it if you’d like to have someone cheery and happy around you at all times.

Top 10 expensive dog breeds