Yorkie puppies facts


Yorkie puppies on sale!

These days often such advertisements catch your eyes. Yorkie puppies on sale! Indeed they are and they are on high demand. They have an amazing degree of popularity. <p>
Yorkies are Yorkshire Terriers and they are the second most loved dogs in the United States, the first being the Labrador retriever. These lovely, cute pups are available at the Rescue or sold at the Breeders’. They weigh less than seven pounds.

A toy Yorkie pup is not fragile or frail as they look. They have long hair but they do not have an undercoat. This is the part that dogs usually shed and that causes allergies to people. Yorkies have hair that is similar to humans and that which falls off and grows again. Yorkies do not have the wet dog smell as they have less of dander.

A Yorkie that is pure bred will not have wavy hair. The hair is straight and needs many hours of brushing every day. Yorkies have a medium tail as it is often cut or docked when it is a pup, by the breeder.
Yorkies are independent and intelligent dogs. They act much bigger than they actually are and they are courageous. They fit in with all families very well, especially with the kids. They often bark at strangers but that could be due to training by the owners.

Yorkies tend to have a lot of courage and they would fight back to protect their young. Yorkies belong to England and they were brought into America in 1872.

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