15 Richest Animals in the World

11) Trouble the Dog

Trouble the Dog

Leona Helmsley made her biggest heir by Maltese terrier, Trouble who worth $1.6 million. His former owner’s relatives who got departed, were property billionaire. Owner Leona Helmsmen originally left a trust fund for Trouble, worth $12 million at the time when she died in 2007. Later, a judge knocked the pup’s inheritance down up to $2 million. Trouble took the money, got retired and flew away by private jet in Sarasota, Fla, to the Helmsley Sandcastle hotel. Trouble’s entitlements were all slashed up, when Leona Helmsley grandchildren contested this will. The general manager of the hotel cared the dog and spent hundreds of thousands dollars on her care annually, that includes $1,200 on food, $8,000 on grooming, $3,000 for various expenses, $100,000 for around the clock security, $2,500 to $18,000 for medical related expenses and many more. But, now Trouble was receiving death threats. The lowered Trouble’s inheritance was because Helmsley had been mentally unstable at the time when she decided to leave her assets to her pet. Though it is despite the fact, that Helmsley was nicknamed as the “Queen of Mean” and also openly loathed her grandchildren, it gave a little doubt that she honestly wanted to leave all the money to her pet. Unfortunately, little Maltese passed away at the age of 12 in December.

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