15 Richest Animals in the World

15) Gunther IV the Dog

Gunther IV the Dog

Gunther IV is the world’s richest Alsatian or German shepherd! Gunther III, from whom his innate wealth was acquired. The amount which his father inherited was around, $124 million in 1992 from his former owner, Karlotta Liebenstein (known as a true animal lover). After the death of the German countess, the wholesome wealth was left to her dog, in1997. Worthing a hefty amount of $373 million or roughly, that Gunther IV inherited. So, from his own fortune, over the years it got increased significantly by some wise investments by his people. Later, the fortune left to his father was obtained tripled!

Now, Gunther has purchased, Madonna’s former Miami villa including properties in the Germany, Bahamas and Italy. A dog who lives on a high hog also won a white truffle, worth around $1,300 in a raffle. Apparently, a legitimate law firm who manages his finances suggested that, everything may actually get on amplified. That is, his maybe, he is called trust fund grows mutually each year! So, this makes Gunther IV the richest dog. Whether Gunther IV is called super-rich officially or not, he lives like the richest dog in the world.


On the surface it may sound eccentric and quite crazy. People leaving their all asserts and the entire wealth on their beloved ones, which are pets actually. It’s for sure, especially when the numerous people with poor livelihood and the one who are struggling to get a proper status on the world are taken into consideration. People are so much worried about making a proper identity in the society by finding opportunities that the money could buy. Truly sounds insane! But when back again, when you really think about those pets that brings laurels to people’s lives, by means of enjoyment, companionship and the unconditional love, then it’s somewhat understandable. These people are from a part of our society who is very much concerned for the welfare of the pets and in a sense of gratitude for these animals.

In reality basis, there are people who don’t even consider their pets’ and their further welfare. So, let it be weird, the wealthiest people are too much bothered about their life’s precious considerations’- the pets. What may seem right to them is, leaving their wealth on animals ensuring their safety even when they are not present.

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