15 Richest Animals in the World

1) Silverstone the Tortoise and Porgy, Joy, Pride and Ronald the Cats

Silverstone the Tortoise

Silverstone – a tortoise is a milliner who worth $27,000. The 50 year old Silverstone inherited his wealth from his former owner Christina Foyle, who was a bookshop business woman. She passed away in 1999 and ultimately left behind a $120,000,000 fortune for her pet. Furthermore, she left $200,000 to Anthony (a tradesman) and Eileen Scillitoe (his wife) to take care of her six tortoises and her collie-mix bred dog. While the dog died shortly after her owner, the entire assets were enjoyed by all the tortoises in their riches. Later, the other five tortoises remained under the care of the Scillitoes, while Silverstone is under the care of Foyle’s old housekeeper, named Maureen Harding. Foyle also included her cats, Porgy, Joy, Pride and Ronald fortune.

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