15 Richest Animals in the World

8) Jasper the Dog

Jasper the Dog

Jasper is a Labrador-Doberman mix was rescued by Diana Myburgh, a brewery heiress, from an animal shelter named, Battersea Dogs’ Home. He was brought home as a member of their family that included herself and her Whippet, Jason. Myburgh after adopting Jasper, pampered him like anything until her death in 1995, when she was at the age of 74. Myburgh made a precise surety with her will before she passed away. Her lovely pet, Jasper and the other dog Jason, received $50,000 for their life’s welfare in addition with it a share of 1,236-acre estate that was more than $1 million worthier.

Too fortunate that, when Jason passed away, Jasper inherited his share of wealth worth $50,000.now, you can find Jasper living at Maunsel House in Somerset. He is basically taken cared by Myburgh’s former son-in-law, Sir Benjamin Slade. The investments made from Jasper’s inheritance in the stock market, has been observed an increase by 300%, by his fortune. Slade cared him by feeding him his favourite dish and had wanted to clone Jasper at one point. But when he dies, there are a number of individuals who will receive Jasper’s fortune for sure.

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