Difference between a Cat Person and a Dog Person

Do Cat and Dog People have certain diverse Traits?

Young woman with dog and cat.

Yes! Cat people and dog people have diverse personality traits. After much researches carried out by various people based on this, it has been made clear that dog and cat owners have difference in certain characteristics that makes us to be more aware of owning a dog or a cat.

Dog People Generally Exude More Confidence

Dog People-Very Socializing

woman and dog

Dog people are very lively and more socially confident rather than cat people. They are more energetic, friendly, even dominant, strictly follows traditions and rules. Those are said to be more extroverted.

Cat People – Artistic Nature

woman and cat

Cat people are reserved, very sensitive; love to spend alone, less outgoing, but almost smarter than dog people. Generally tend to be non-conformists rather than following the rules and very open-minded. Those are said to be more introverted. But they are very artistic and creative.

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