Dogs with Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety?

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Separation anxiety is a psychological condition, that a pet experiences excessive fear or worries regarding the separation of their beloved person or guardian.

Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

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On watching the pet’s behaviour, we can judge by our self, whether the pet has separation anxiety or not.

The general signs includes barking, howling, trying to escape with their owner, some may exhibit pacing, behaviours causing self-injury, salivating, vomiting, urinating, defecating, chewing, digging, destroying household objects are some unusual behaviour that a pet shows for separation anxiety.

The fact of the intense attachment towards their owner and afraid of being alone in the home extremely bothers him a lot. So training your dog to get through this anxiety is the best key solution. Hence training your pet in a pacifying way with firm gestures can help them get disciplined, and that makes them to overcome the anxiety issues, over a period of time.

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