Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Go for thunder shirts

thunder shirts

These days thunder shirts are more welcoming for pets who suffer from separation anxiety issues and other various issues. The science behind the thunder shirt is applying a constant yet gentle pressure on the pressure points on pet’s body. It has the tendency to create a sensation similar to swaddling a baby. It is safe, simple and inexpensive too. Even experts believed that thunder shirts are good for dealing with comforting the pets during separation.

When to consult the vet

When to consult the vet

In case, the above suggestions don’t work properly, then you can go for consulting the vet. Initially pet veterinarian would suggest thunder shirts or else pheromone collars for dogs. If these pacifying methods don’t help properly, then the vets would suggests going for medications over the counter. It takes even a month for those medications to work effectively. So it is very important that one must be patient.

Final words

“Separation anxiety” the phrase itself emphasize that your lovable, naughty pet is worrying about your separation. The pet assumes that you are never going to come back and going to miss his person forever. It’s our responsibility to help them get rid off of their worries, after all they are like a baby. Therefore it requires patience and time to look after those amazing creatures.


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