Eradicate Fleas Naturally with Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

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Worried about the fleas that your pet brings into your home? Using flea bombs and chemical sprays that are actually harmful? Here’s a better alternative to adapt a healthy environment – food-grade diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a clay-like siliceous powder that is obtained from the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. In short it is referred as DE that doesn’t hurt mammals and guess; we can and also eat it! In 1960, the first pesticide products that involved silicon dioxide were registered, called Diatomaceous Earth. It’s nothing but a grain based foods enriched with lots of grains that keep the bugs from eating it. Isn’t it the simplest way to build a home sweet home! Let’s know more about Diatomaceous Earth.

What is Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

It has proven to be an extremely valuable asset as it is now been used for a large variety of farm, industrial, and even for food based situations. Back in 1830s, it was initially thought as limestone by an old farmer. After further investigation, these deposits later got to know as the natural form of diatomaceous earth that has the ability to kill fleas. Farmers add it to their stored grain to kill the insects. These are composed of diatoms that are skeletal remains of algae like plants. These diatoms are left behind as fossilizes when they die. Thus, DE definitely does not cost much. The food grade DE are the products that can be eaten and used for getting rid of the problems caused by fleas, pests, bugs, spiders, cockroaches and many other. There are many more applications for the non-pesticide DE that include products for skin care, foods, toothpaste, medicines, paints, beverages, fish tanks, and water filters. The cost is very low and it is easily available anywhere.

Efficiency of Diatomaceous Earth

Efficiency of Diatomaceous Earth

Instead of poisoning the fleas/ bugs, it actually cuts off their exoskeleton and absorbs the water contents out from their bodies that kill them in short period of time. It can also be used for killing fleas that are hiding in carpets, in garden, inside or outside your home where your pets might enjoy taking rest. It assures a natural mode for flea control. In fact, it has been reported that it kills 75% of the fleas, bugs or insects that comes in contact within 3 days.

How much it is safe?

Diatomaceous Earth safe

The most satisfying answer for this quest is: it is always necessary to go through or follow the safety precautions before using any product and in the case of diatomaceous Earth, purchase only FOOD-Graded. You may come across many complications associated with the usage of diatomaceous earth and which one to use, as there are verities of DE available. As long as you are using a ‘food graded’ diatomaceous earth, you are perfectly safe. It is also often consumed by people every day or by mixing it into juice which is believed for life’s longevity. On the other side, it may tend to cause cough, irritation etc. it’s a case very usual when you come across in the situation of inhaling flour, corn starch or just dust. Therefore, wearing a mask can be recommended. One strange thing to note here is, when you are working it on killing bugs, the DE powder have to be kept dry in any case, even from morning dew. In terms of medical issues, the pool grade stuff would cause cancer if used every day because it contains up to 70% of crystalline silica which makes it a bad option. The diatomaceous earth is completely non-toxic and you doesn’t need to complicate yourself go stressing about health.

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