Yorkie puppies facts


Yorkie puppies on sale!

These days often such advertisements catch your eyes. Yorkie puppies on sale! Indeed they are and they are on high demand. They have an amazing degree of popularity. <p>
Yorkies are Yorkshire Terriers and they are the second most loved dogs in the United States, the first being the Labrador retriever. These lovely, cute pups are available at the Rescue or sold at the Breeders’. They weigh less than seven pounds.

A toy Yorkie pup is not fragile or frail as they look. They have long hair but they do not have an undercoat. This is the part that dogs usually shed and that causes allergies to people. Yorkies have hair that is similar to humans and that which falls off and grows again. Yorkies do not have the wet dog smell as they have less of dander.

A Yorkie that is pure bred will not have wavy hair. The hair is straight and needs many hours of brushing every day. Yorkies have a medium tail as it is often cut or docked when it is a pup, by the breeder.
Yorkies are independent and intelligent dogs. They act much bigger than they actually are and they are courageous. They fit in with all families very well, especially with the kids. They often bark at strangers but that could be due to training by the owners.

Yorkies tend to have a lot of courage and they would fight back to protect their young. Yorkies belong to England and they were brought into America in 1872.

Wolf puppies facts

Wolf puppies

Wolf puppies with their furry coat and sharp nose are adorable creatures. How much of an ideal domestic pet they would make is always a question which has invited a lot of debate as they belong to the wild and hence cannot be trained to be a domestic pet.

Wolf pups after remaining in the womb of the mother for around sixty three days are born deaf and blind. They need to fully taken care of by their mother. The mother nurses them for a couple of weeks till their eyes open. It is only after a much longer period (four to five weeks) that they begin to feed on meat. Until then they live on the mother’s milk.

After around six weeks, the wolf puppies begin to socialise. Well, they like humans decide on common meeting spots and ‘hang’ around with their playmates. Wolf puppies are extremely playful and have a wonderful time chasing each other and playing with fellow puppies. Most of the games that they indulge in are seen as a preparation for survival in the wild. For example, they play with dead animals’ carcass, feathers and bones and pretend to kill tem repeatedly. Many of their games are quite similar to a dog’s play.

Many of the wolf pups are prone to being devoured by the eagles and bears. The mothers go great lengths to protect her off springs. Many wolf puppies die due to malnutrition and starvation too. Life in the wild is no bed of roses for these adorable wolf puppies.

Westie puppies facts

West Highland Terrier

If you are looking for a faithful pup which will grow to become a beautiful dog and remain with you for around fifteen to sixteen years, then westies are the ideal breed for you. There are some arrangements that need to be made before bringing the westie home. Just like how the house needs to be prepared to bring home a new baby, the same applies to a westie also.

Enough toys and puppy playthings have to be purchased for the new pup. If there are children in the house, they must be taught well in advance how to treat the puppy and be kind to it. Even puppies feel nervous when they encounter a new environment. Too much of noise and disturbances from the children can intimidate them and result in a psychological impact. Remember to fence the house if it is an independent house lest the westie pup decides to run away to take a good look at its surroundings.

Westie pups are good natured and friendly. They need some time to get along with strangers and children. If children are taught how to treat a pup with kindness and care, westie pups will make great companions for children. However, these animals being very sensitive and hyper may just nip someone out of excitement. Hence when they are young it wouldn’t be advisable to invite a bunch of kids for a game of hide and seek. They love to bark at new faces but when they are trained, this will not happen. <p>

Weimaraner puppies


Weimaraner Puppies – the best darlings, full of energy and cheer

Weimaraner pups have a distinctive coat color that ranges between silver gray and mouse gray. They have a grey, sleek and short coat. The Weimaraner are often referred to as the Gray Ghost or the Silver Ghost due to the color of their coat.

Weimaraner Puppies are an old breed from Germany. These are like retrievers and pointers that have many skills like tracking, rescuing, and searching. They are used in Police work. The pups grow to become large dogs. They have both the energy and intellect to do almost any action. The pups are alert and friendly and they act as protective and loving companions. The Weimaraner is noted for his graceful movement.

The Weimaraner pups are friendly and cheerful but they can be opinionated and willful at times. They get on well with dogs but not with cats. This dog is nothing but loyal and brave.

The Weimaraner pup should be brushed firmly and they should be shampooed occasionally. These dogs are prone to getting fat and they may suffer from hip dysplasia like other dogs.

The Weimaraner pup is full of energy. They are also eager to please and they can learn easily. So they should be motivated with good words. Treats move them to action. They should be well trained while they are still pups. They should not be subjected to harsh commands. The pups should be getting a lot of exercise as they love play ball, hiking, romping and hunting. Like Labradors, they get destructive when left alone for a long time.

Teacup puppies

Teacup puppy

Teacup Puppies: Potty training for teacup puppies

Teacup puppy is amongst the sweetest creatures that you will ever see around you. However, the moment they start urinating and pooping over your expensive furnishings and furniture, they become your biggest nightmare. So, you should give some of your time in learning the techniques of training your pet the ways to potty.

If you have bought teacup puppies, then always have an eye on them. You should know that whether they are sniffing your furniture or moving around in circles. If they are doing so, it means that they are about to urinate or might have their bowel movement. So at that moment only, you should take them to a place where you have the arrangements for their urinals.

Another important technique to remember is the paper technique. Whenever you see that your puppies are moving around in circles or sniffing, take them to a designated place and cover the entire area with the newspaper and then allow them to do their business.

Most of the dog owners use kitchen or bathroom because of their linoleum floor, for this purpose. But you can choose any area except the carpeted floors. However, always be cautious to remove their waste as soon as possible because teacup puppies eliminate more waste than their normal adults.

You should always remember that by knowing this not only you are learning, but you are also training your puppies. So, try to reward them if they are doing their business correctly and properly. In that way only, you will be able to maintain your house and backyards free from poops of teacup puppies.

Teacup Chihuahua puppies


Tiny Teacup Chihuahua Puppies – Miniature By Size Giant By Companionship

Teacup Chihuahua puppies are the oldest breed of puppies in America. They are the smallest and the tiniest breed of puppies. These puppies are named after the Chihuahua region of Mexico. They are the descendants of the bigger size puppies found in the Aztec region. The height of these tiny puppies ranges from 6-9 inches.

They are bony in structure but are quite muscular too. The average shedder puppies are the Teacup Chihuahua. The coat variety is of two types and is found in many colors with splashes of colors here and there. The smooth coat is soft and glossy while the long coat is slightly curly.

The life span of the “Chi” puppies as they are called is the longest of all dogs. They are very individualistic by nature. They are extremely energetic and graceful too. They are greatly devoted to their masters and are very loyal by character. They get attached very strongly with one or two people. These gentle and loving Chi puppies grow up to be great watchdogs. They are wary about strangers and unknown noise. Their expressions are akin to humans. They are more sociable with their own kind. These puppies are difficult to train and respond well with positive reinforcement. These puppies mostly remain indoors but enjoy the frequent walks with their owners.

These puppies require minimum grooming. Occasional brushing of the soft coat is enough for them; however, these puppies are prone to frequent ear infections. This breed finds difficult to tolerate the harsh and cold weather.

The Teacup Chihuahua puppies make great pets.

How to take care of sick puppies

Sick puppies

Sick puppies; Love and care brings life again

Puppies are like children and they should be treated with utmost care and love. When puppies fall ill, it causes great concern, as they are part of your family.

It is not that easy to find out if your puppies are sick. They cannot tell you if they are having some problem in the ears, eyes or in the stomach. You have to watch out for symptoms and make your own analysis.

Swelling, discharge and redness in the eyes; discharge and running nose; scratching and shaking ears; coughing, sneezing and vomiting; well then your puppies are sick. Another thing you have to look for are the puppies nose. Puppies have cold and wet noses. In sick puppies, the nose will become dry and warm.  This is the best way to know if your sweet loving puppy is sick or having a temperature.  If you come across the symptoms of sickness, it is better to call your veterinary doctor and seek his advice. Do not delay as it could worsen sick puppies.

It is always better to seek a vet’s advice and not to start your own treatment for sick puppies. When you find your puppy is sick, do care it as you care your children. They should be loved, cared, and given more comfort. Sick puppies are more receptive to love and care than the food when they are sick. Let the sick puppies have a quite place to sleep.  Give them more water than food and pat them often.

Siberian husky puppies facts

Siberian husky

Get a companion with Siberian Huskies

Want to buy a pet dog? Well, go for the Siberian Huskies, which are calm, friendly and sociable. Very active and energetic, the Siberian Huskies are intelligent, playful and quite. Well, what makes it your favorite pet is that it loves you and your family more than any breed.

The Siberian Huskies come in Black, White, Sable and a combination of these. A dog of the snows, it has double-layered, medium length coat. These Siberian Huskies have triangular, erect ears and beautiful eyes that can be brown, hazel, blue, or a combination of all these.

Intelligence, eager disposition and tractability make Huskies good companion dogs. But if you are buying Husky puppies to guard your home, then it is better not to buy the Siberian husky puppies, as they are not perfect watchdogs.

The husky puppies are gentle with the children and go well with them. However, a good training at the beginning is necessary to transfer the Siberian husky puppies into more friendly ones. Once not managed in the beginning, it could be hard in later stages. Being independent minded, it is necessary that the husky puppies are given considerable training so that it becomes obedient when it grows up.

Well, decided to go for the Siberian husky puppies, get into some best pet stores or buy online. Get beautiful prices quoted for the Siberian Husky puppies that you find in the Internet. Any way it is better to approach the kennel store for beautiful white Siberian husky puppies.

Sheltie puppies facts


Sheltie Puppies – All You Wanted To Know About Sheltie Breed

The Shetland sheepdogs are better known as sheltie puppies. They resemble more like a miniature collie. They have along overcoat on the entire body with a frill like design around its neck. The coat of the Sheltie comes in various colors black, sable and many more.

These puppies are very affectionate. They are sweet and gentle in disposition. This lovable breed has a great herding instinct. They are more famous for the level of intelligence they possess. They make their presence felt to everybody by their persistent habit of barking. They are cautious of strangers. They should not be kept in a kennel kind of ambience as they are home bred and loves to remain with their owners.

Sheltie puppies are the ideal household pets as they have a great temperament that is very trainable. These are very active puppies. This breed does exceptional well for the purpose of herding. They live well in the county farms. High energy, spirited sheltie puppies do extremely well with children too. They are extremely obedient and easy to train. These small breeds of puppies need to do lot of running as they have within them a chasing instinct.

The grooming of the long overcoat of the sheltie puppies is very important. Regular and proper brushing is highly required. Sheltie puppies attempt to chew anything that comes in front if their nose.

Sheltie puppies are great companion and one would be amazed to see how a sheltie puppy could play wonderfully with toys just like your tiny tot.

Shar pei puppies facts

Shar pei

Shar Pei, the family dog of your home

Sharp intelligence and ability is what makes Shar Pei a family dog. Independent and a reserved breed, Shar Pei is loyal and affectionate which makes it a suitable pet for your home.

Always suspicious, the Shar-Peis are good watchdogs. These rare breeds of dogs are short with loose skin covering the head and the body and have small ears; hippopotamus muzzle shape and blue-black tongue, which makes them have a unique look.

Shar Pei puppies have lots of wrinkles but the wrinkles disappear as they become mature.

When buying Shar Pei puppies, always look for the good breeder. You could approach the kennel owners in your locality and look for the best trained Shar Pei puppies. In the Internet, you can find hundreds of Shar Pei puppies sites, from where you could buy them. You also get complete details about Shar Pei puppies, like training, its food habits, its nature and the various diseases that could affect it.

Once you buy Shar Pei puppies, you have to find extra time, as these breeds cannot be adopted lightly. You have to take care that the Shar Pei puppies are frequently bathed, brushed daily, given good nutrition and has a clean friendly environment.

Coming in sand, cream, black, red and blue, you can choose Shar Pei puppies of your choice. Two different varieties of Shar Pei are there. One has large folds of wrinkles even into adulthood and the other one’s skin seems tighter on its body, with wrinkles just on the face.