Shih Tzu: Common Health Issues

Shih Tzu

The little Shih Tzus are a bundle of energy that is always up to something. Thoughts of it falling ill might be farthest on your mind when you are looking at those pretty eyes. Unfortunately, reality can be far from what we can ever imagine. Being prepared can help though, like knowing what diseases your Shih Tzu is prone to and how well to tackle those.

It might be hard to believe but Shih Tzu does have a tendency to be affected by diseases of the heart, kidney, lungs and eye. Here are a few tips that can help you better cope with any such unforeseen scenarios.

Shih Tzus have slightly bulging eyes that protrude out from their body. This again makes them prone to get injured while say, playing or rough housing. Needless to say, an immediate check-up can save a lot of trouble later on.

Then the short muzzle of the Shih Tzu also makes them prone to wheezing often and on. It generally isn’t serious but should be taken to a veterinarian if problem persists.

Renal failure and Shih Tzus aren’t usually in the same trajectory in most of the cases but can’t be ruled out entirely either. That again gets attributed to issues arising from the skin or hair of the dog.

Shih Tzus have a thick and long furry coat which if not groomed properly can lead to the hairs getting tangled and matted. These in turn induces skin irritation leading to the dog scratching their skin often. Now if this makes the skin to get cracked, it can lead to the area developing infection, worm infestation and so on. So a visit to the veterinary is called for if any of these issues arises.

The above also underlines the importance of combing your Shih Tzus fur coat everyday apart from giving it a good bath at least once a week.

Overall, the Shih Tzus are a healthy breed and lead an active life. They are also quite strong which quite belies its size and looks. However, as anyone else, they too might fall ill though regular maintenance and exercise apart from lots of love and care can surely help prevent those.

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