5 Amazing Facts about How Your Dog Expresses Feelings

How Your Dog Expresses Feelings

It is not so difficult to read emotions in most of the animals. So as the dogs in particular are noted for expressing more explicitly their feelings. More often they warmly reciprocate the gesture of love for their loved ones by wagging their tails, rubbing their body on you and will dance around to welcome someone back home. But contrarily, they also express their dis-likeness on trespassers in their known kingdom and may utter low throaty growls. Keeping that in sense, their feelings are more likely to humans. Isn’t it? If yes, then there are 5 amazing facts which are as follows about how dogs expresses their feelings.

1) Love

How Your Dog Expresses Feelings - Love

Dogs are very much capable of expressing love feelings and affection for their owner. It is a saying that, dogs are the only animal who loves the owner more than its own self. So are considered as, more lovable than other pets. The best point is that the dog will have the same respect and association for other family members as it has for the owner. Most of the dogs love to play with kids and get aggressive when some strangers move around them.

2) Anger

How Your Dog Expresses Feelings - Anger

It’s very commonly known that dogs can express their feelings of anger prominently. Yes, more often than most of their other emotions. Very general example, when they see an alien dog outside or in the street taking liberties with their supposedly personal kingdom. In anger, they bark loudly at the trespasser and possibly even can make attacks. It takes such situation as an assault and thus, responds with all their might. Please don’t think that only other animals will annoy the dog, in fact, to dogs, human beings also may be taken as aliens whom they haven’t seen before. Not everyone becomes the victim of their anger, instead it is typically on the ones who violates the limits of their owner’s home and family.

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