How To Teach Your Dog to Hunt for Truffles

How To Teach Your Dog to Hunt for Truffles

Let’s think about, its taste and the flavor! Truffle can be described as, a soft, sweet that gives a chocolate mix taste with typically a rum flavor and covered with cocoa. Isn’t a delicious description? Truffles are composed of a well-revered delicacy, although they look much similar to the knobby potatoes. Indeed, experts in the food or chefs, find its flavor that easily trumps along with its appearance, especially when it is added some variety of soups, sauces and for some variety of entrees as well. In fact, these astonishing truffles are so prized for their earthy like savory taste that they cost as much as $ 2,000. But, some of the rare varieties even price at over ten times that amount. If considered, an Italian Piedmont truffle, it can cost in the neighbourhood till $30,000.

Where Truffles Grow in the World


A truffle is an underground fungus with strong-smelling agents that resembles rough-skinned and an irregular potato like in shape. It grows chiefly in broadleaved woodland, particularly in calcareous soils. While most of the truffles are mainly harvested in Italy and France, today they are also found in other wooded areas in the U.S., Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Western Australia. Widely considered a well-to-do for culinary delicacy the black truffle from France is much famous for its distinctive taste and tang, besides the Italian white truffle that you can easily find. To maintain and find this integrity of the delicacy, trained dogs or pigs are used to scent out the fungus from the ground.

In the U.S., in some areas of the state of Oregon, it is a well-known source for truffles. Truffles here, can worth as much as $150 per pound. In this area, the truffles grow below-ground among the Douglas firs. Apart from this, the place – Texas is also known as the home to truffles. And you can find the Tuber texensis, is the choice of truffle in the Lone Star State.

How Truffles are used in Cooking

truffles - dish

Truffles are used in French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Greek, and Spanish dishes, where they are grated or scraped into soups, sauces and also onto entrees that is served before the food. The chefs, the masters of food, add it while preparing chicken, omelettes, fish, soufflés, and rice. In addition, it is used in pasta dishes with the rich aromatic shavings.

Notably the Black and white varieties of truffles are a rich source of amino acids and protein. That also makes the dishes a favourite indulgence among the well-heeled vegetarians. Furthermore, the non-fattening delicacy contains a huge source of iron and is a significant fiber source and carbs too.

To enjoy a truffle in the complete form, the best option is to eat it uncooked immediately after it is harvested. This is so, because the flavor and the essence subsides quickly, similar to the savoring of tuber-type mushroom.

If you choose a white truffle, make sure that it is never be cooked, because the heat will cause them to lose their taste quickly. Also, you can lightly sauté slices the black truffles and insert them into your meats.

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