Kennel Cough in Dogs

Treatment for Kennel Cough

Sick As A Dog

If a kennel cough is detected that would probably go away on its initial stages all of its own within a few weeks. For very young dogs, they are compromised with an immune system that could last up to one and half month. For this typically case, no treatment is needed, but because kennel cough may toll on a dog’s mental state and body, you may need to try treating it sooner so that your pet feels better.

* Antibiotics prescribed by your vet can be given on time so that they can help dealing with some of the other symptoms. However, antibiotics will be needed in conjunction with another treatment because the antibiotics will only treat the bacteria element and not the viral aspect.

* Vitamin C. It will boost the immune system and thus, will serve indirectly to your dog’s health. Reports say that, about 500 milligrams of Vitamin C per pound of body weight are the esteemed dosage for your dog. Also, when your vet administers a Vitamin C dosage, remember to provide your dog with lots of water to drink.

* Honey also serves an indirect help that can reduce dryness, irritated throat during their kennel cough. Half a teaspoon for about three times a day will be enough.

* Keep them away from smoke. Even though, you may not want to smoke around any dog that is dealing with kennel cough, but that could transfer them some air that will surely put them into a severe bout of coughing.

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