Top 5 Cutest Puppies of the World

Top 5 Cutest Puppies of the World

Thank nature for creating the man’s best buddy – dog. These buddies have got something special that impresses in a unique way and grabs your self-acting smile when watched. Sometimes they behave so sweet with those dazzling cute reactions, letting us tempting to love them. Love at first sight is also possible here, as they amuse you with. Dogs have something amazing that impresses and forces to love them and keep them with their beauty and innocent faces. So, below is a list of the cutest puppies in the earth that will certainly inspire you.

1) Pomeranian

Pomeranian puppy

Pomeranians are one of the Spitz type breeds and are also named as a toy dog for its size. These dogs are originated from northern Poland and Eastern Germany and are found in every part of the world. They are available with an extensive variety of colors that one can hardly find it in any other dog breeds. They are extremely charming and are the cutest ones. They can be easily liked by everyone for their playful habit, friendly nature and lively gestures.

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