Top 5 Cutest Puppies of the World

5) Akita

Akita puppy

Akita puppies are the large Spitz breeds that originate in the mountain regions of Japan and can be found as a contrary to the cute lap dogs. When fully grown up, they become a large, sturdy and robust dog. They are charactered in history as very friendly, loyal and being respectful to their owners. For this reason of nobility, they were kept as security in charge in Japan. In addition to that, they were also used by hunters to track animals in the forests. So, Akita the soft and fluffy pup is the one of the cutest animals with lovely adorable face, in the world.

Puppies of any breed have always been very cuteā€¦ not only their beauty coats and innocence that entices everyone, it includes their pranks and affectionate disposition that makes one feel happy and well loved.

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