5 Natural Homemade Remedies for your Dog’s Health

5 Natural Homemade Remedies for your Dog-s Health

To avoid a number of diseases that dogs suffer from, the best way is to carry your dog to a certified veterinary doctor for a check-up under serious ailments. But, with some everyday efforts, these medical issues can be safely treated by means of natural homemade remedies too. So here goes a list of such natural homemade remedies that can effectively perk up your dog-s health from these issues.

1) Yogurt/Pumpkin – for Digestive Problems

5 Natural Homemade Remedies for your Dog-s Health - Yogurt

Yogurt is the best remedy that is packed with calcium and proteins. It looks after the digestive issues of your pal and provides a relief from his stomach pains. While you are serving this, never forget that any sweetener (artificial or natural) in the yogurt can deprive the remedy and may produce any favourable effect for the dog. Subsequently, another homemade recipe is pumpkin. It helps in curing diarrhoea and constipation. Make sure that you use only canned and not raw pumpkin. Just one or two teaspoons of the pumpkin or yogurt recipe a day are enough to treat stomach issues.

2) Chamomile Tea – for Skin Issues

5 Natural Homemade Remedies for your Dog-s Health - Chamomile Tea

The Chamomile tea is generally recommended for treating stomach issues, but it is an equally an effective treatment for skin issues like dry skin, minor skin irritations in dogs. Prepare the tea and keep it in your fridge for some time. After it gets slightly cool, spray it on the entire body or the affected part of your dog. You can easily observe the results as it immensely soothed his skin and cured him from bacterial infection, dryness and yeast allergy.

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