Bloat in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

How to Prevent Bloat in Dogs

Unfortunately, there’s not always the end of bloat condition when once your dog has been treated for it. In fact, 70 percent of dogs who have been victimized for bloat are more likely to have it again.

No worries, here’s a good news that there are some steps that can be followed to prevent its occurrence:

1. Know their eating limits. Instead of feeding them with one big bowl, give them a little bit like three times a day. Make sure that the meal times are spaced several hours in between each other.

2. Place their food bowls on the floor instead of on small tables or stools.

3. Read the food label. If any kind of fats appears within the initial four ingredients, shift to another brand. And be sure that you are not providing any food that contains citric acid.

4. Removing their water bowl for an hour before and after meals will stop them from gulping in large amounts along with air.

5. Make sure that they haven’t overeaten or on an empty stomach before getting them a walk or exercise vigorously.

So finally, bloat in dogs isn’t just a painful condition, but it’s one that can probably kill your dog. If you find some symptoms and suspect that your dog has bloat, just get them to a vet immediately so that they can get their desired treatment in time. This might surely save their life. And also keep in mind, the steps that you need to take to prevent it from ever happening again. So, help your dog to continue living a happy and pain free life ahead.


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