8 reasons why dogs howl

8 reasons why dogs howl

Dogs are known to effectively receive the commands of their masters and reciprocate obedience through precise action. Howling is one such mode of communication to express their needs, love and disgusts as well. Howling is also age related as senile dogs howl frequently. How to understand that the contents of howling and rule out unnecessary howling from that of an essential one could be achieved only through practice over a period of time.

The Dog’s Genetic Ancestry

Dogs identify with wolves as their ancestors, howling is their common trait. Most of the masters think that howling is necessary insofar as it’s meaningful as a mode of communication between your pet and yourself. Dogs howl in anxiety or distress as a measure of longing for your love and shower it’s affection on you; Vice-versa. Though it’s hereditary, environment raises the need to acquire the behavior of howling. But the ultimate point is that when a dog howls, we must be able to reason out the cause of howling as it may be an indication of potential threat or imminent danger or even simply for no reasons.

But before ignoring howls think twice whether it’s a message to you or just like that for sake to draw your attention.


1. Attention

Howling is related to heredity of dog packs. Dogs acquire the behavior to howl from its peers and most of the times, they howl to draw your attention. In your presence your pet howls confidently. But it’s up to you to understand the abstract of a meaningful howl rhythm. Only then you will be able to understand what your dog needs exactly, whether it howls for food or water or for outing etc. Howling is not necessarily a noise but it has every meaning to enable you to communicate with your beloved pet.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the interesting traits in animals that +are explicitly expressed by dogs. Your pet always considers you as an integral part of its life. When regularity is deviated in your routine, say for example, when you turn to home in late hours or when you are on tour to faraway places, your dog tends to howl continuously due to depression longing for your lovable presence.

3. Communication

Howling is an effective mode of communication that is essential to build and bridge the distance between you and your pet. Though howling is genetically coded that is similar to that of wolf pack, it’s both inter and intra communication among the dog packs that is essential to strengthen their integrity and establish strong love bond.

4. Boredom or Excess energy

Dogs are workaholic. They love to be engaged at work all the times. But when dogs are let out with no work, they have no other go but to howl as a measuring of passing time. It’s natural when your energetic pet is left idle; it’s like rusting a luxury car. Regular exercise and a balance between energy expenditure and energy intake makes your pet immensely happier and improves both psycho-physiological health.

5. Environmental triggers

Howling may not be spontaneous but it may be a positive response elicited by external stimuli like overcrowding, loudspeakers, speeding ambulance or fire brigade or police with siren. But indicating an imminent threat to masters by strangers, your pet howls at an alarming rate.

6. Pain or illness

Inconvenience to the health of your pet due to age related ailments or injury/ flea bites. These may be the reasons for which your dog may howl as a measure of bearing the pain and strain. You may have to plan for periodical visits to vet clinic.

7. Aging

Senile dogs are more prone to howl to feel their self by overcoming hearing loss, poor articulation of thoughts etc., Differentiation between a howl for food or water from that of pain/ailment is a right step forward.

8. Habit

Habits develop subconsciously over a period of time. Howl may be a response to a specific stimulus but gradually habituated by your pet, even without any stimulus.

How to stop incessant howling:

  • Stop responding if it’s barely to draw your attention
  • Plan a tour with your family but don’t miss your pet at home
  • Train to howl at your command
  • Appreciate your dog when it’s silent
  • Regular exercise and lovable attention obliterates the necessity to howl
  • Don’t let your dog idle, engage it with interesting balls or articles to play with
  • Snacks at times is better

Is Howling in Dogs a Problem?

Howling is a mode of communication but when it’s frequently casual for no reasons then it’s a problem to you as well as neighbors. Vet may help you to have control over your pet’s howling habit to quench its desires like to encourage regular walk or feed it on time etc., which will definitely make your pet psychologically comfortable and this formula works to wean off the habit of howling unnecessarily.

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