Why Dogs Roll in the Grass

Why Dogs Roll in the Grass

Dogs love to roll in grass. Do you know why? You would take your pet in car and travel anywhere but your favorite pet has scant regard to the scent of the poppy. The stinky grasses are the best for them to roll in. let’s see the underlying reasons both in scientific and jovial terms.

Dogs are hardwired to Roll in the Grass

As the dogs are identified with wolf as their ancestors, the scent emanated naturally from their physique gives a terrific signal to its animal preys to fright and flight immediately. So dogs try to dilute or hide their scent by rolling in grass. Like a swan that splits water and milk, dogs split odor and sniffs for the desired scent. Olfaction of dogs is sixty times better than human and so police seek help of dogs to track the thieves.

Why Modern Dogs Still Roll in Grass

Reasons are readily available here.

1. They Love the Stink

Dogs don’t get inclined to fragrant shampoos and perfumes rather they express aversion to such products. So a minimally flavored or a dull shampoo has to be used to give them a fantastic wash. Although their olfaction is against highly scented commercial products, they always like stinky environment and so don’t hesitate to try shampoos without scent while helping your dogs to stay clean.

2. Marking Their Territory

The scent of the dogs is felt over the grass after they roll and rub over it, thus forming their territorial jurisdiction. If you feed dogs in parks and seashores, they rub on you to transmit their scent to add you as an integral member of their pack.

3. Scratching an Itch

Dogs are susceptible to allergies and flea bites. Itching is opted as an immediate first aid by dogs. But it’s a sign of unease that require medical attention.

4. It Feels Good

Dogs feel grass not only softer but also helpful to generate pleasing friction while rubbing and rolling over grass. This is a sweet supplement to itching apart from building geographical boundary. However, supervision of your vet to ascertain that rolling is not due to ailments or anxiety is good.

5. He’s Obsessed

Like a child wishes to play with toys, your dog may be obsessed with rolling in grass. You may also seize this opportunity to train them for longer hours over grass; equivalent to easily move with the direction of water flow and attaining the desired target.

6. Show that Personality!

Dogs stimulate their peripheral nerve endings with a soothing effect by rolling over grasses. They mean to express themselves by easing the sensory nerves through the connectivity with peripheral neural pathways. It makes them composed and complacent.

The Bottom Line

Rolling over grass is not an exceptional behavior of your dog, as its common among all the dog packs connected to ancestry. Though it’s a common trait, this behavior has to be supervised to rule out frequent and excessive rolling which may be due to allergies or anxiety that could be easily dealt with by your vet.

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