Shih Tzu And Cats

Shih Tzu And Cat

Having animals around in the household adds brightness and joy to life. It is a pleasure to have a fluffy little creature to cuddle and play with and take care of.  There are people who like to have many dogs in their house and actually like it when they play around the house and bark constantly. So what happens if we add another animal to the list? Wait- may be of a different species. Will it be an apocalypse when we put a Shih Tzu and a cat under a same roof? Or maybe it will pave the way for a smooth friendship?

This is actually a trick question as no one on earth can answer this question for all cats and dogs. Sometimes they forge great bonding and get along with each other pretty well. However on the flipside, sometimes they may just enjoy killing each other. So how do you know? Just introduce them to each other – under supervision off course. It is wise to have at least 3 meetings before you decide to bring that cute cat home. Preferable choose your home to be the last meeting place for these animals. A word of caution- put a harness on your Shih Tzu and not a leash, because your dog will pull endlessly to reach the cat and this may lead to tracheal collapse. A harness will also be easy for you to pull your dog back. You can put the cat on leash and keep a large cat bag or a big blanket handy for preventing one to damage the other if things go nasty.

In case you see they are avoiding one another- it’s a good sign however you should keep a close watch. Never leave them unattended as they may start jumping at each other’s throat any minute. In case they are both staring at each other, and you hear the dog growling and the cat hissing then just break them apart. Also it is best to let them sniff each other as it is a sign that they are just easing up and getting to know each other. It is a way of cat and dog saying hello. However unlike human beings the first impression isn’t necessarily the last impression.

In case you have adopted a cat then always place the cat food at a place higher so that the dog cannot reach. For the sake of anything you hold dear do not let the cat go near the Shih Tzu during the meal time. This may lead to a tragedy.

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