Roundworms in Dogs and its side effects and its treatment


Roundworms live inside the infected dog’s intestines and feed off of their intestines. These “spaghetti-like” structured worms are typically a few inches long with light brown or white in colour. Roundworms in dogs are also known as “Toxocara Canis“. It might become a very serious problem, if it has left untreated; because each parasite can produce upto 85,000 of eggs per day. Moreover, they are highly contagious. Hence, it is most important to sort out what would be the exact cause of this infection in your pet; as it helps to figure out proper treatment for this infection and preventive measures.

Causes of Roundworms in Dogs

Roundworms are very common in dogs and other animals. But puppies are especially at high risk. The reason is, if a mother is infected by roundworms, their puppies could also possess the maximum possibility to get contracted by them, either, in-utero or after breastfeeding her milk.

Also, dogs and puppies can be infected by roundworms, even from the environment. Usually, dogs would ingest the roundworms, when they happen to eat other animal’s feces. Hence, the larvae from the hatched eggs will travel to the dog’s liver and then to the windpipe; in this condition it will cause the dog to cough and swallow the larvae. Those larvae will grow into adult roundworms, in the dog’s intestine. There they began to reproduce and multiply a lot by laying eggs and hatch. Hence, it will further cause the infection to go severe; likewise, your dog would become very sick.

Symptoms of Roundworms in Dogs

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The very basic symptom of roundworm that you can look for in your dog is: visible presence of roundworm in your dog’s vomit and poop. If you notice for them, take your pet immediately to your vet. Even though the presence of roundworms seems to be fairly evident, still the vet will perform testing of samples, to determine the severity of the infection, thus he will be able to give the right treatment.

Other additional symptoms include:

  • Enlargement of abdomen, which gives the dog, a pot-belly look.
  • Sudden weakness and inability even to complete the regular activities such as walking.
  • Presence of sore abdomen.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Lacklustre coat, which means lack of shine.
  • Sudden or rapid weight loss.

Treatment for Roundworms in Dogs


The most prescribed deworming drug, by the vet includes:

  • Fenbendazole.
  • Moxidectin.
  • Milbemycin.
  • Nitroscanate.
  • Pyrantel.
  • Piperazine.

Those above drugs should be taken in different doses. In the first dose itself, all the adult worms will get killed, and then the follow-up doses will eliminate the rest of the worms, which were not developed enough during the first dose. After the successful completion of treatments, still the dogs will be examined, at least once or twice a year, as a goal of prevention from roundworms. Whereas in small pups, two to four times, in a year will be enough, for analysing the presence for roundworms.

Since, these kind of parasitic infections are very common among young pups; the deworming treatments are often given for pups, even though, if they do not have infection of roundworms. Usually, these treatments are given, when the pups are around two or three weeks old.

Prevention of Roundworms in Dogs

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Being roundworms are extremely contagious, they are common in animals. And the best thing is, although they are common, their treatments are quite effective and easy to follow. Moreover, if you are maintaining your dog’s health in a good condition, you can effectively prevent this infection. Hence, keep your dog always healthy and happy.

Moreover, if you own a pup, just start the deworming procedures, when he or she is around three weeks old. Meanwhile, before you are getting a puppy from other person or by any other means, make sure about the deworming process that previously had been done or not.

Particularly, female dogs should be treated before they allowed for breeding, because during her pregnancy, the roundworms can easily transmit to her pups “in-utero”.

Further, regularly clean your dog’s areas, including the place where they sleep, eat and play.

Make sure to dispose your pet’s poop properly, and clean the area with a disinfectant solution. Meanwhile, keep your pet away from wild animals almost possible, even including mice and squirrels. Ensure that they are always on a leash control; and protected inside by a fence stands.

Apart from that, according to the vet’s advice, give heartworm drugs to your dog to safeguard your dog’s health. These medications also contain an active ingredient that also helps in the prevention of roundworms.


Roundworms in dogs are really something that every dog owner fears about. But in reality, it is not that harmful, as they think. But in contrast, they are very common and could easily treatable. So, all you need to do is, at once if you suspect for the symptoms of roundworm in your dogs, take your pets immediately to the vet, he/she will prescribe the right drug according to its severity. Hence, your dog will recover soon. Meantime, it is absolutely necessary to know about its prevention measures, therefore, you can prevent its further occurrence.

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