How to keep your dog away from illness?

sick dog

Signs and symptoms:

  • Coughing.
  • Sneezing.
  • Dry skin.
  • Stomach upset.
  • Halitosis/bad breath.
  • Itchiness.
  • Cloudy or red eyes.
  • Weight loss or gain.
  • Excessive urination.
  • Excessive drooling.
  • Excessive drinking.
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Excessive sleeping.
  • Extreme panting.
  • Changes in level of activity.
  • Change in attitude.
  • Laboured breathing.

If we notice that your dog has any of these symptoms or if they have any changes in their character or behaviour, then, we need to consult your vet, without any hesitation. Here, there are a few common tests available, which may recommend some signs that, your dog exhibits. Do not know, how to react after analyzing their symptoms. Come on; let’s have a glance regarding the types of test have been preferred.

  • Electrolyte testing results out dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.
  • Infection disease testing.
  • Heartworm testing.
  • Tick-borne illness testing.
  • Urine screens.
  • Thyroid tests.
  • Blood count tests.
  • ECG screening.

These above tests indicate some certain rules of underlying conditions which your dogs having some symptoms of illness. The vet may provide the info regarding several numbers of tests which suits your dog. However, some tests can be an expensive one.

Treatment options


If we found out that your dog is sick, then, we should prefer an effective way of treatment. Where, it depends upon the particular ailment/disease. According to the suggestion of your vet, the dog can be treated. Still, it is very important to follow the instructions and advices of your vet, so, that your pup could able to make a complete recovery as soon as possible. Even though treatment may plan as an easy prescription for a few medicines, some other may require larger intensive treatments. It just depends on dog’s particular situation or it may vary from one case to another.

Home remedies

Some home remedies may be the good solution for treating symptoms, but here, we never suggest any home remedy because, it’s just like putting a band-aid on the problem. If we want to treat diarrhea, when, it is in under lying conditions. Then, we need to self-diagnose your dog and view some serious health concerns on your hands. Simply, cover up the symptoms with home remedies, as it before, leads to harmful conditions.

Basic tips to keep your dog healthy


The initial step is to analyze your dog’s food, whether it consists of high quality food or not. Usually, pets consuming a protein rich foods and nutrients are assumed to be healthier. Dogs having shiner coat, perfect functioning of eye and strong outer coat are said to be healthier. It ensures that a well balanced diet provides a good immune system and enhances the digestive system, joints and bones. We must be familiar with all the life style requirement of your dog either in maintenance/growth.

  • Avoids obesity in dogs: The overweight in pets leads to more health issues when compare to the other pets, who maintains a normal weight. Obesity does not have the aim to attack hearts, but also have the chances of aggressive stress at the joints. Only vet could help you, to lose a few pounds of weight and gives the best method to reduce weight of your dogs in a healthier way. The diet, exercise and weight loss will be a good start for the initial treatment.
  • A regular visit: Taking a regular treatment for every year, is quite important. If you skip a regular observation, it will increase the risk. Many vet cards are available in websites that allows your dog to get treatment in comfortable time.
  • Ensure proper dental health: Most of the people do not know the importance of maintaining dogs’ mouth clean. While, it is quite significant to have a keen note on about the cleanliness of your dogs mouth, because it contains some infectious disease for major sickness. By proper cleaning of your dogs’ mouth regularly, helps to avoid the attacks of plague building up in your mouth. A dry kibble formula is designed for optimal dental health and maintains the healthier gums and teeth, of your lovable pet.
  • Protect your dog: Many people are lethargic about their dogs health, will leads to dangerous to dog. This put them at risk in more ways, than you would know. Just protect your dog from other wild animals or even exposed to some infectious diseases. If you like to let them outside, make sure that we can do it in a larger/fence areas, so, that there won’t be any risk. It is very essential to keep your dog healthier. In case, if you notice the symptoms earlier that helps a speedy recovery of your dog.

Don’t regret some signs because this may also lead to some drastic conditions and even resulted in death.

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