Symptoms and Treatment of Mastitis in Dogs

Mastitis in Dogs

Mastitis in dogs is commonly an infection that is present in the mammary glands. It is mostly seen in female dogs, which are all nursing for a little puppy. But, sometimes it also affects non-breeding dogs. During nursing, the dog’s teats became cracked and split, this opening allows the bacteria to enter and thus spread the infection. Once it occurs, the infection spreads throughout the mammary tissue and does not take much time to cause a serious issue. Thus, it is enormously painful for the affected dogs. If it is not treated quickly, then it will became incurable.

Symptoms of Mastitis in Dogs

After infection, our dogs might exhibit several different infections. The first sign to notice is that they will not allow their pups to nurse because of the pain. Exactly, we may hear the loud crying sound from the pups that they never stop. Of course, they are lethargic and continuously ask their mom by touching their paw. If we think that our dog has mastitis, these are the symptoms that we can keep our eye on to watch.

  • Very hard to touch the mammary glands.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Mammary glands become redness and swelling.
  • Total change in their behaviour including fever or lethargy.
  • Mammary glands became hot and painful.
  • Does not care about their puppies.

Diagnosing Mastitis in Dogs

Mastitis in Dog

Unfortunately, they are lucky because mastitis is easy to notice in an early stage. By looking the mammary glands, we can spot whether they are affected from mastitis or not. Yet, it might show some good sign of infections. It is important to take our dogs to the vet because they only figure out in a right way. We should not only make the dogs free from infection and also make them as comfortable as possible. If the infection is not treated for long time, then it will be very dangerous for the puppies. Yet, the affected dogs were not able to feed them due to their pain. Get the veterinary treatment in a right way and the treatment is needed only in the severe condition.

Treating Mastitis in Dogs


There are many treatment options available for mastitis which depends upon the time and extensive duration of the infection. If the infection is found soon, an antibiotic is enough to clean the infection. And it gives an easy way to treat mastitis. This solution will run only from 10 to 14 days and it would be completed even before when the symptoms disappear.

When the dogs are under the treatment of antibiotics, we have to help them by applying warm compresses to the affected areas in teats. Yet, it reduces the pressure and even supports milk to flow. If it arises, save it in a container to hand-feed the pups. While, should not allow their pups to nurse. There is no more chance anyway we have to do it for the pups. Even the vet did not like to nurse the pups from affected teats. If the infection is not cured in an early stage, the mammary glands may need to drained or lanced. Earlier than, the infected dogs placed under the control of local or general anesthetic (used to promote sleep and relieve pain). Usually, the dogs will be placed on an IV (Intravenous) drip therapy, which helps to control the infection.

In most critical stage, the vet may remove the full mastectomy of the entire mammary gland. This is a very crucial step, only the vets use it as a last resort. If the mastitis is found in another type of dogs like olden one, they need not suppose to nursing the pups. Typically, an extra test will be needed to done to find an incurable disease such as cancer in the mammary gland.

How to Prevent Mastitis in Dogs

To make our dogs and their pups feel happy and healthy, prevention is important. However, mastitis is not common and it is not a severe condition. But, anticipation is vital to keep and help our dogs free from diseases. Mostly, mastitis is limited in lactating female dogs. So, one of the great ways to prevent them is spayed though they cannot become pregnant again. However, there are other options available for prevention that can also be done for dogs who are all nursing their pups. They are as follows.

  • Regularly clean the litter’s bedding.
  • Trimming the nails of the pups to avoid any cuts on the teats.
  • Always keep the underside and teats clean especially when they are going outside.
  • Not allow them to splash their urine on mammary glands because it will become heavier and larger than normal.

Mastitis in dog’s leads to severe conditions, not every case will help with natural remedies. But we have to do our duty of watching our female dogs carefully and keep them safe from infection. If we have seen any symptoms that get worse, don’t go away please see a medical professional.

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