Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas? Are Chickpeas Good Or Bad For Dogs?


When it comes to feed your pet dog, owners often get confused what to give it; which elements are healthy and which are not. If you have brought your first dog at house, it is quite obvious that you will get puzzled on the initial days. The groomers and vet can help you there. And, today we are here to give you certain tips whether you can give chickpeas to your pet dog or not.

Chickpeas are full of protein which is very effective for dogs. You can make different types of recipes for your canine friend which incorporate chickpeas. Whether it is salad or hummus, dogs will love these lot and those are very healthy for them. But, while feeding chickpeas to your pet, you should be aware whether there is any mixture of blunt-tasted garbanzo beans which are not good for dogs. You can feed cooked chickpeas to your pet, but know the perfect recipes.

Can You Feed Chickpeas to Your Dog?

The simple answer is, yes. You can feed cooked chickpeas but know the methods to feed it. You can buy grain-free dry dog foods as these often have meat and chickpeas as important ingredients. But, you should give small portion of the meal to dog as such foods keep your dog full for longer. Chickpeas also help dogs to digest food faster.

Which Chickpeas to Feed – Plain or Cooked?

Try to provide your dog fresh chickpeas, cooked at home. Make sure the chickpeas are completely cooked and soft. Avoid giving them canned chickpeas as those contain much amount of concentrated salt. If you provide it to your dog, make sure you wash them thoroughly, remove all salt and then give it to it.

Can You Give Hummus?

Yes, you can only if it is made at home. When you are having chickpeas, you can make spicy hummus for you; but that preparation is inappropriate for your dear dog. The spices and other concentrated ingredients are absolutely wrong for pet dogs.

If you want to give your dog hummus, prepare it at home without any spices. Keep it simple and your dog will love it. It is not only healthier for your dog, but you also don’t need to spend much money on canned and processed food.

So, now you know that you can give chickpeas to your dog, but only when it is plain and simple. Go for it and make your doggy taste something different.


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