The Little Lion – Shihtzu

Shihtzu is a dog’s breed whose origin is in China. These dogs are very friendly and they do not harm their masters. They have long hairy body and have locks. With his friendly nature Shihtzu attracts and melt hearts of many people. They are soft and can be used as pillows. It is really hard to ignore this dog even for other breed as he loves to make new friends. Chrysanthemum Dog is name given to this dog describing his facial hair.

Some characteristics of Shihtzu are:

  • He easily adapts the apartment living, understands owners voice, sensitivity level is not an issue and he can live in hot weather.
  • He easily gets attached to family, kids, strangers and even dogs. This means he loves meeting new people.
  • If Shihtzu gets training he will soon be intelligent as he is easy to train. He doesn’t bark or howl seeing people after getting trained or knowing them.
  • He is very playful but gets tired soon.
  • He has one most important feature i.e. underbite.
  • Shih tzu is very honest dog with few demands and tantrums than other breeds.

He is easy to train so people train him for different sports, activities and play with him. Weight of a full grown dog is 10-19 pound i.e. 4.5-8.6 kgs. Their eyes are dark and when Shihtzu stand their height is 28cm or 11 inches. Body is fully covered with hair and has curly furry tail because of which grooming is necessary at every interval. They are very loyal and easily get affected with people and different breed of dogs. Apart from being friendly he is a great watch dog as he very active and alert by nature. Shihtzu is very stubborn when you try to train him so the training should start from very young age. They can be of black, brown, white, gold, liver and white, brindle, etc. Female Shihtzu can litter 2-6 puppies at a time.

Shihtzu loves to curdle in lap and is an incredible pet for old people. The power or cuteness to socialize with every person or dog is really commendable. Though he is small but he is tough and needs less exercise. Shihtzu is a bit stubborn and notorious and needs trimming at regular interval this might be seen as a problem for the owners. To train Shihtzu the owner or trainer needs patience and consistency to teach them.

Shihtzu breed suffers some health problems. They are breathing problems, eye issues, hypothyroidism, etc. some of these diseases are hereditary. Middle aged dogs usually suffer from these problems because of weak immune system, small face and head or because of weak liver. They may also suffer from eye infection or any skin diseases. Diseases can be cured by operation, surgery or drug therapy. Due to these diseases dogs might die before completing their full life span of 10-16 years. As the dogs are so friendly with strangers this shows how much affection they have for their owner.

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