7 things you did not know about ShihTzu

Are you reconsidering of buying a dog? Have you always wanted one friend for you in the days you feel lonely? That is the right choice for you as long as you have time and money to take care of one. The Shih Tzu dog breed is one of the most famous dogs in the breed of small and fluffy dogs. Before buying and starting to take care of it, you need to know few things about the dog.

1. One of the cutest dogs

Whether you are dog lover or want to have one this is the best choice for you. The Shih Tzu is one of the cutest dog breeds and is very popular nowadays among the people who have dogs as pets, especially little dogs. It is fluffy and adorable and often people fall for this type of dog, its unbelievably enormous charm and its eyes. Whenever you have free time, besides the time you take care of the dog, you will want to spend more time playing with it. You will not regret of having this little thing in your home.

2. Personality and temperament of the dog

It is a domestic and friendly type that should be treated with kindness, friendliness, tolerance and trust. When is treated with kindness, the dog is gentle and good with the children in the family, but when is mistreated or when someone is not taking a proper care of it, can result in stubbornness and not as tolerant. It is a happy dog and is ready to relax in the family companion, playing with everyone and sitting in the lap.

3. How to give a proper care

This type of dog needs exercise, such as a daily walk in the neighborhood, but not more than a daily walk or a run to the park. It can also plays games in the inside when the weather is not good for activities outside. If you enjoy walks, this is the right companion for you, it is more for walking than jogging. If you are biking often, put a basket on your bike and let the wind plays with the dog. It is that type of dog that is not able to tolerate high temperatures.

Another thing you should take into consideration about the dog’s care is the tendency to get water into its nostrils during the shower and the owners usually use small water bottles to avoid this problem.

Its hair can get dirty and matted with the growing and the coat needs to be combed and brushed almost every day. If you plan to grow the hair of your dog, you will have to commit yourself to a different and grooming activities and schedule in order to manage it easier, because the hair can get out of hands very quickly.

It is recommendable to keep the feet fluffy and the beard long, tail ears and the hair in a size that looks like a skirt on the dog. The hair around the eyes should be short in order to let the dog see well, and long enough so no dust goes into its eyes.

If taken with the proper care, the dog will become an essential part of your life.

4. Dog’s health

The lifetime of the dog is between 11 and 16 years, because some diseases like renal dysplasia, eyelash malformation, inguinal growing hernia, canine hip dysplasia or progressive retinal atrophy can lead to diseases. This dog is also affected from cataract and dental issues. With proper and on time health care the dog can be prevented from these conditions.

5. Training the Shih Tzu

If the dog is friendly and cute, it doesn’t mean training is not required and is a straightforward process. It can be quite stubborn, hard to deal with or headstrong, and get their own way. Also it does not remember things fast, for example, if you make some move or you try to teach your dog to do something in some situation, it doesn’t mean that the dog will remember what is being taught the next day. You need to be patient and start with a basic training like “sit” or “come” if you want to get their attention.

6. Wants to be social

Try to make sure that the dog is always in a company, because it likes to spend time with others. The dog’s tendency to bark is a reason to keep it inside, but even then sometimes barks at anyone or anything. This is because it was bred as a palace watchdog and if it is from a pure line, it will continue barking, since it carries the instinct from its ancestors. It is a good choice to have this type of dog in your home because it has another quality as an alarm system, but not a good choice for those living in apartments. Its barking must be accepted by the owners and treated properly, not taken as an annoying thing that is walking in your home. It can be distracted with playing instead of pushing it away.

7. Background

Its name has a meaning “mini lion” and is believed that this dog has an origin from Tibet in the 1600s and it was considered as a holy animal.

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