7 Signs Your Dog Is In Pain and Trying To Hide It

Nobody wants to see their dog suffering from pain and still it is difficult for us to digest if our pet’s has any sickness. First, you should be aware of signs and symptoms of our pets that show awareness regarding to dog’s health and helps to diagnose a disease earlier. The Internal Academy of pain Management brings out the slogan “Their Pain Is Our Pain”. Their main aim is to spread it all over the world to make our pet free from dangerous disease in the future. Usually a dog has several kinds of signs, but here we listed the most common signs which they express often.

Seven signs of your Dog:

  • Energy.
  • Gait.
  • Eyes.
  • Appetite.
  • Demeanor.
  • Posture.
  • Breath.


If your pet is active all the time and has been reacting lethargic recently than usual, it means that your dog isn’t feeling well and he might need your observation. If they are affected by lethargic, they feel inactive and always lie down flat on the side, rather than curling up as normal. Some changes occur in movement such as slow and sleepy for longer period than a normal. The affected dogs like to climb up the stairs everywhere and they do not have enjoyment like jumping and bouncing all-time. Most of the affected dogs decrease their active energy level and sometimes it may also manifest a dog’s playing.


Walk is a perfect way to identify whether your dog has any problem or not. If there is any change in their walk, then we can take this as a important sign to identify their health problem. Often have a look on their shelter and try to find out the reason for their illness. If it get affected, it seems to be reluctant to go for a walk or the time duration is the exact method to analyse your dog. Limping, favouring, hobbling are some of the signs of illness and this shows change in their behaviour. In some cases, injury/even arthritis leads to stiff walks and slow speed in their activity.



Changes in eyes are the great indicator of the dog, which get infected and dogs in pain eyes often blink and it will be reddish in colour; in addition to that pupil in eye gets smaller in size or dilated too. Pupil size grows bigger, would also be a sign of a dog, which gets pain in some other body parts. It depends upon the injury or may get affected by some other diseases. The eyes of infected dog will be more painful and some bloodshot may also appear. If you are sure that your dog is in pain, then it tends to squint more. Usually, puppies can be affected a lot than an elder one and it takes more than a couple of days to treat as of pet owner and this could be the larger effects. If you found these many problems in your dog, then you must bring your pet to the vet for treatment as well as council.


Gaining lack of food is another sign to know that your dog suffers a lot from distress. Disinterest in food can also shows that your dog is in sick. They feel discomfort to eat and drink than a usual or if they feel any pain in their mouth or teeth while eating food, then they may produce a drop of saliva from their mouth. If this case, we can come to a conclusion that your dog is in quite dangerous condition and this may cause serious ailments. On the other hand, it leads to weight loss, weakness/languid and vomiting. After this, you have to take your pet immediately to the vet as soon as possible.


Most of the dogs can become defensive when they try to hurt by their owners and sometime they behave very aggressive in their moves. It may happens when a painful area of the dog is moved or touched. It may lead to stress to the dog and it does not have fun with anyone and they don’t give company to their owners and then it slowly become antisocial. The well behaved puppy can change into snappy or bitey due to this problem. The dog which belongs to nervous or shy type gets fear soon and they will not cooperate well to the vet for their treatment. Body language can be the good indicator to pick illness from your pet.


If your dog is hunching over particularly rigid than a normal, then make sure that they are not feeling well. The unusual position makes them to feel trouble in staying at single place constantly. A calm dog in a hectic shelter, probably laid back all the time and hardly energetic dog will runs here and there, it’s too difficult to control them. Every dog predicts has different changes such as while sitting and lying, they don’t feel comfortable. The affected pups place their front legs on the ground and stretch throughout the entire part of abdomen which looks like a play bow. The postural change in dogs makes them to feel more painful, while others will be ‘antsy,’ even more subtle and dropped, this case mostly affected to the dog who has normally a perky tail.


When Dogs experience pain in their body may have a faster and shallow breathing pattern than a normal one. Only excessive panting makes a dog to feel more painful during breathing. The fast breath makes the pet feel restless and panting. Bad breath figure-out problems in their mouth which indicates it has problem in their gastrointestinal tract/internal organs and respiratory system.

These above symptoms, helps you to analyse the source of pain and identify the exact problem of your pet. So, be alert to treat your lovable pet quickly.

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