Top 26 dog breeds as cute as the teddy bears

Too Cute for Words

If you are looking for best companion, then these small dog are sure to enhance your fancy look. Not only upcoming cut dogs are adorable, but also fully filled with affection and live for humankind. All pet dogs are cute and some dogs are even more beautiful that make people to have it as companion. For this reason, many breeds are very famous in greeting cards and some other marketing materials.

Chow Chows

Chow Chow

They are so lovable and spongy like a teddy bear. Chow Chows are very friendly in nature with their owners; on the other hand they are extremely watchful towards the strangers.



These are the cute little dogs, which belongs to the toy group. It has an outgoing nature and could get along with everyone easily. It is a cross between English Cocker Spaniel and the American with a Poodle type.

Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle

These dogs can get attaches with family so easily; who love playing, meanwhile they are very alert and curious, which could make them an excellent watch dogs. Toy poodle has amazing good looks because it’s cute appearance everyone used to like it.

Chinese Shar-Pei


It appears with full of snuggly folds of skin. He has a calm and confident nature that will establish his independent character, at the same time it obeys the household rules and very loyal to his family.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

These are little cute dogs from the toy group. It possess a sweet nature, they are so lovable and less demanding to others.



These are absolutely beautiful dogs, but bold and brash, it requires early socialization. He shows dominance and alert nature while approaching strangers.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso

These little comedians are very playful to their family; meanwhile carries him with loyal and dignified disposition.



These hybrid dogs are becoming popular for their adorable friendly and sociable nature. They are very much affectionate and loyal to his person and family members.



Akita represents longevity, health and happiness and these dogs mainly serve for police and military department rather than being a domestic companion.



Newfoundland is Calm, dignified, and generally quiet in nature. It is easy to train them and usually used for working purpose either in water or land. Apart from that he is quite lovable and his adorable gentle nature makes him a best family companion.



These cute, soft andspongy like dogs are playful, friendly yet very alert and stubborn. Its robust and spirited nature thrives for vigorous exercise and athletic activities, particularly in cold weather.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees are certainly gentle and elegant creatures which looks very majestic. On the other hand they are very much patient and also highly confident.

American Eskimo dog

American Eskimo dog

This people oriented dogs are great as a companion. Besides that, their reserved and protective nature makes him always to be alert.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is one of the oldest dog breeds, well known for its intelligence and dignified personality, besides that they are affectionate and playful.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

It’s well known for its bold and fiery personality, they have much intelligence and famous for its fox like appearance.



These kinds of dogs are absolutely playful and enjoy clever games. Maltese are generally confident and outgoing; simultaneously very cautious to strangers.



It is usually described as “diablotin moustachu” which means moustached little devil and it got the name due to its appearance. These dogs love fun and mischievous, yet loyal.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

These dogs are much lively and has good sense of humour, but possess self- importance, hence demands affection and love to be at the centre of attention.



It implies intelligence, courage and boldness whereas than affectionate. It usually exhibit stubborn nature though loyal to his person.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

This pleasant dog has cheerful nature, who always enjoy to play games and loves to snuggle into laps and pillows.



These little, cute thick coated cuddly dogs are popular of being affectionate, intelligent, socializing and cheerful in disposition.

Golden Doodle

Golden Doodle

This is a hybrid between a Golden retriever and a poodle and hence the name “Golden Doodle”. Those little cute dogs are cheerful, gentle, trustworthy, affectionate and smart in disposition. They are easily trainable and have an intense desire to please.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed and their dispositions are serious and dignified. They seem to be calm and quiet until provoked.



Usually called as “teddy bear” pup, it is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu. It loves to play; rarely barks and usually show happy disposition. Due to its easy going nature Zuchon type is becoming popular now.



The Poochon is also a hybrid breed crossed between a Poodle and a Bichon Frise.

The Poochon is an energetic and an adorable little breed. They possess a sturdy appearance, and exhibit a sweet expression.

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

Also called as Japanese Spaniel, these breed dogs are delicately small, elegant, playful and less yappy than any other toy breeds.

Be proud to say dog owner

Most of the dog owners are getting less depression compared to non-pet owners. The interaction with dog and also love received from it will allows people to stay in positive thoughts. A Chinese reports mentioned that people who are having pet dog in home getting better sleep in night. Owning pet dog will give more number of benefits so it is very useful to allow dog in your home.

10 Reasons Why Carrots Make Great Dog Treats


If your dog has been behaving exceptional in all day and it seems to deserve rewards. Dogs are the perfect companion and a friend and it plays a vital role in every family. They are our link to connect paradise and do not know about greediness or discontent. The dogs shows unconditional love and loyal to their respective owners. They undertake many roles to perform such as hunting, protections, military and companionship, etc. Take care of dogs by giving their nutritious foods and shelter. Besides, it is quite important to take care of your dog’s health with regular observation.

All dog owners want their pet’s to be healthy and you may find some human food are given to them. Do you know ‘Are Carrots good for dogs? Yes, of course, carrots are safe for dogs. While, in some human’s food, is not adaptable in many scenarios.

Carrots contain beta-carotene – Beta-carotene is an essential antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage and a precursor to Vitamin A. It is because of the role of the cellulose in cell wall of carrots is not digestible by dogs. It may improve your dog’s vision and also reduces the risk of developing cataract. Dogs can able to absorb beta-carotene through diet and may receive immunological benefits.

Carrots are the excellent source of Vitamin-A – Vitamin A is a fat soluble that are stored in fat cells throughout body, within liver. The Vision, growth, metabolism are major things which could maintains to keep their skin & coat healthy. A carrot consists of high fiber content, low calories and antioxidants is one of the added benefits in their balanced food. For older dogs, it avoids irritation in the mouth area and it can make great supplement to your dog’s food.

Carrots are low in calories & fat – If you are looking for a low calorie food, carrots are the best choice. It contains 25 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fiber, completes 200% of our daily requirements. They are not convenient for snacking, it contains with low calories and one medium-sized raw carrot and 2 grams of belly-fiber. The carotenoids found in small carrot may protect against cancer, eating 5 servings of carrot supplies full amount of nutrients and that kind of protection provides the original attributes to beta-carotene.


Carrots are easy to grow in the garden – Carrots are simple and easy to grow in sandy soils, even for gardening newbies. They are not suitable in rocky soil in which, they will not grow in very large. They resist the most pests and diseases and are a good late season crop to tolerate frost. They grow in many varieties with certain colours from purple to white.

Carrots are a common Household staple – Carrots are dogs treat and it is one of the few veggies which are treats for them and Laika dog breed goes bonkers for them. The average American eats 10.6 pounds per year which is less when compared to laika (i.e) Laika dogs eat more than that.

Carrots are inexpensive – Carrots are one of the most inexpensive food in my home. The average cost of carrots per pound in the United States is $67, while baby carrots are $1.27 per pound. Usually, puppy was teething at the time, carrots are packed with vitamins enriches their gums and the teeth will grow stronger. They can be stored in tubs of moist sand for winter use and you may have mature carrots in soil for storage in the ground will not freeze.

Carrots are high in soluble fiber – It is considered as an essential nutrient for your dogs with multiple benefits. It helps to solve digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation and even anal gland issues in dogs. It maintains or controls diabetes of your pet and supports to reduce weight management. By adding carrots to its diet overcome the losing of stools and helps to add larger amount to his stools. When they lack in fiber, it leads to Gas and intestinal upset make your dog fainting. Taking excess amount of fresh water assist fiber through digestive system.

Raw carrots make a great dog chew – Many dogs love crunchy snack and it’s hard to find something that suits than a sweet carrot. The carrot pieces are loved by dogs specially for chewing or rather using a whole carrot/puree form is prone to digest strain for your dogs. These treats are enough to cure cavity problems. Brushing your dog’s teeth on daily basis and cleaning them in regular basis is an effective way to prevent from diseases.

Carrot make great Kong stiffer – Combining the daily food with cream cheese acts as binding agent, and it looks like a smear peanut butter on a piece of bread which fold it over stuffed substances inside the Kong is Kong stuffers. Though, Kong suits well in their diet, carrot are preferred mostly as the favourite one. The most challenging part is to freeze some broth & carrots inside a Kong for few hours (note: the frozen one may keep Laika busy nearly up to 30 minutes).

Carrots are easy to prepare – Cellulose surrounds the cells of carrots which are made up of sugar molecules. As a raw one, it sustains the nutrients of carrot and dogs could not metabolize. The raw carrot should be well cooked to get their nutritional benefits and the low calories will have little fat. If they are cooked well, it breaks down the cellulose molecules and the nutrients are more accessible.

So, carrot assures you, with all an effective benefits which encourages your dog’s health.

10 Different Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

Olive Oil

Olive oil staple’s many health benefits that most of the people are aware of it and also been used as a key ingredient in every kitchen. It is used to give high benefits which including beauty and to get it people have to use in their daily food. But, some people have questions that it will give same advantages for dog too? Sure! Using olive oil in your canine’s bowl can improve their health, their fur, hair and even their skin. If you have a question, whether your pet will like it, then the answer is, it tastes surprisingly doggone good. If you try it, then prosperity in health will certainly take you to incorporate it into their daily routine.

Though the benefits go beyond words, here are a few of them that as follows:

  • Helps in balancing the weight and controls gain – Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats that help in breaking down the fat inside the fat cells and actually encourages in shedding of pounds. This practice of consuming the oil will help dogs that haveweight issues.
  • Prevents diabetes – The same monounsaturated fats also help in preventing the onset of diabetes along with weight control. Thus, olive oil is known to have good fats, helps to ward off diabetes by maintaining insulin sensitivity factor.
  • Promotes optimal health – When the weight and diabetes are controlled, automatically health will be improved. In addition, the oleic acid in olive oil holds to prevent cardiovascular disorders and cancer as well.
  • Boosts the immune system – Olive oil supply high level of antioxidants, including vitamin E, chlorophyll, polyphenols and carotenoids, all of these helps to fight effectively against illnesses and diseases. Whenever the seasons change, just like humans, dogs are also prone to getting sick. So, feeding your dog with some olive oil will help them to keep their health well.
  • Promotes canine longevity – Dogs don’t live nearly as long as we want and even worse that we find dogs that turn grey before their time. And when olive oil is provided, it prevents oxidation of free radical cell that results in avoiding premature aging by keeping your dog look as vibrantly youthful. Olive oil in general, will do so much as possible to improve their health. So, it will eventually extend the life of your pup. Thus, you can enjoy some more years together!
  • Improves their thinking ability – Olive oil helps in the productivity of brain cells, just like the good fats in fish that works. This can actually make your dog look smarter and more focused. Though it keeps the mind alert, still training can also be very beneficial in maintaining these qualities. It is called as brain food, as it promotes the vital nutrients in some breeds mostly.
  • Improves circulation – Simply it provides an energy boost by recuperating blood flow by adding doses of olive oil.
  • Helps the respiratory system – Dogs also get asthma just like humans. Thus, olive oil can help in reducing the symptoms of asthma and improves breathing especially for brachycephalic breeds. For example: Bulldogs, generally have struggle in breathing. So, olive oil can help them for breathing.
  • Skin moisturizer – A daily dose of olive oil can help your dog, if in case it is suffering from dry skin, itchy skin, or just dull hair. It will rejuvenate by restoring moisture to the skin and will brighten up the tired-looking locks.
  • It’s too tasty – If you haven’t tried yet, choose the feeding time to make them even happier, because the dogs enjoy the taste that you can’t imagine. It can encourage dogs to eat again and again, who might have lost their appetite due to some reason.

How to Give Olive oil to your dog?

Beagle puppy eating

Add about a tablespoon of olive oil every day in food that will hold all the benefits which your dog needs. And don’t exceed the limit! That’s because, as olive oil does taste too good for dogs, that may prompt you for pouring it more than a spoon. As recommended, you can mix it with their wet food or add it to dry food that usually stale, can be a bit improved back to life. By doing so, their food will level up with more pleasant mild flavour. Isn’t it an easy way to get your dog on regular healthy diet?

For improving your dog’s skin, just gently massage some oil on the surface of skin whenever needed and you may find immediate improvements in the skin prosperity within time.

Again, olive oil is generally a rich source for health improvement. And for dogs, it can be an easy ongoing treatment for their health especially. Just pour some amount or a spoonful of oil over their food and also rub an even amount on their skin as well regularly. As a result, you’ll be amazed at the quick changes inside and outside. You can take suggestions from your vet while speaking others health issues in dog. Just confirm once, whether it’s safe for your dog to use olive oil and they must ensure about the quantity that they are providing.


Cancer in dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment


Certainly, a kind of fear will smack down all the pet owners, whose pet dogs are affected with cancer. They even think in such way that, very soon they are going to lose their lovable pets. But, what is more important at this stage is that: the pet owners have to stay strong and gain more awareness and knowledge about the effects and cures of cancer. Yes, if we know more about the cancer, then we can better understand what actually had happened to our dogs and how to treat them in a right way. In fact, many critical cases of dog’s cancer are also treated well and even removed entirely. If we notice that our dog has cancer, we have to get outlook from a veterinary oncologist, who is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of cancer in dogs. They give a brief explanation about the treatment, including what to do and what not to do.

We have to stay calm in order to fully understand the treatment options. And it helps us to take a good decision about our dog’s health. If the illness of cancer caught at early stages, then it enhances the chances of our dogs to live fit and healthy.

The complete details of about ‘Cancer’

As we all know that cancer is one of the most commonly occurring life-threatening diseases, yet, it is too difficult to understand completely. When it starts to develop in a human’s or dog’s body, the cancer cells in all organs will grow too rapidly and even divide as a part of their regular life cycle. We mostly, think that cancer typically occurs in a breast or in the lungs. Unfortunately, there are many types of cancer like lymphoma, which denotes cancer in the Lymph system; mast cell tumors, which occurs in the skin and Bone cancer, which is mainly found widespread in dogs.

Cancer will occur, particularly in older dogs over the age of 10. It is a truth that over 50 percent of the dogs, who all cross the age of 10 or in an age 10, might probably have cancer in their lives. However, the mortality rate can be low because half percentage of cancer in dogs is being treatable.

There is a common fact that when compared to earlier years, the percentage of cancer in dogs is getting higher in recent times. The actual reason behind this is the overpopulation and pollution in the environment. But this can be easily overcome only by the dog owners, who could take better care and show more love to their pets. Moreover, at current situations the quality of foods and veterinary care also had got vastly improvised. And certainly these are the main reasons for inducing the dog’s to stay a healthy long life. However, after they grow and enter into an age of 10, the hazardous cancer will incidentally develops. Thus, the rate of cancer will go up to the dogs at or after reaching age 10.

As like the common people, there are no notable causes of cancer in dogs. However, it is proven that environmental and hereditary factors add the development of the cancer disease.

The dog breeds that are most prone to Cancer

Saint Bernard

Though it is very clear that the environmental and hereditary factors are the main reasons, yet, the hereditary factors play a key role in the cancer of dogs as like in humans. Of course, some particular dog breeds are very liable to suffer with cancer. A certain dog (purebred) breed does have more chance to get cancer. This is definitely due to their gene pool that is too small and hence the cancer gene passes down to many generations.

Some of the particular breed that is known to have high a level of cancer are Flat-Coated Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Boston Terriers, and Bernese Mountain dogs. Large breeds such as Saint Bernards and Great Danes would suffer from bone cancer purely based on their larger size than the smaller size breeds.

However, dogs of mixed breeds are a part of the larger gene pool, as well as they don’t have the same gene of a pass down breeds. And due to this reason, a mixed breed has a less possible incidence of cancer. However, they are still in danger of cancer caused by the environmental factors.

Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

sick dog

Just like humans, dogs have the same symptom of the lump, which occurs anywhere on the body. At the same time, dogs have more lumps naturally in their body, even more than the humans. So, it’s vital that when we find a lump on our dog’s body, simply without any panic or hesitation, we have to consider vets as soon as possible. They will keep a record of our dog’s health. And if necessary, they will also take a full body check up.

Other significant symptoms of canine cancer are:

  • Bad breath.
  • Weight loss.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Abnormal bleeding.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Difficulty urinating.
  • Difficult and irregular bowel movements.
  • Lethargy.
  • Discharge from any area of the body.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • Swelling and sores in any area of the body.

If some of these symptoms found present in our dogs, then immediately we have to take them to vets for possible diagnosis and further examination. Although, sometimes cancer doesn’t show any symptoms or they show different symptoms in their body. So, we have to be aware of the symptoms of cancer in order to prevent our dogs from cancer.

Clear Diagnosis and Proper Treatment of Cancer

dog ultrasound

If the cancer is spotted on the dog’s body by the lump, a bioscopy will be taken. During this process, a small piece of tissue will be taken from the lump with a needle’s help. This tissue will be then sent for an examination by a pathologist and to identify whether the sample contains cancer cells or not.

In conjunction with a biopsy, other diagnostic tests might be taken such as ultrasounds, Radiographs and blood tests. If there is no lump present, they separate from a biopsy.

If it surely determines that our dog has cancer, many options are available for the treatment including the same options that available for humans. They include surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. In that case, cancer affected dogs may be permitted to make use any one of those available treatments or a blend of treatments.

After few treatments, the cost of treating cancer in dogs gets quickly a high value. Even before starting cancer treatment, the diagnostic testing have to be done to find cancer. This will charge an amount of $200- $1,000. After the diagnostic testing, treatment will begin that ranges a high cost from 1,000 to 15,000. Obviously, the cost of treating a dog’s cancer will depend upon the facility, we use, as well as the place we live.

Some dog owners choose that not to treat cancer, due to the consideration of cost, old age, etc. This will depend upon their personal choice and sometimes it will be a great benefit for animals. Although, it is important to think many times, before taking a decision regarding our dog’s health. Because of this, we choose to move on palliative care (specialized medical care for serious illness) for our pets. If we think that our dogs do not need to suffer, surely pain relief is offered. We have to keep in mind that pet cancer is not curable, although some of the dogs get slightly benefit from the treatment.

Preventing Cancer in Dogs

It is difficult to know how to prevent it because there is not a single important reason is found for the occurrence of cancer. There are some treatments that would help us to lower cancer in dogs.

The biggest thing that commonly all dog owners can do to prevent their dogs from cancer is spayed or neutered. Before first heat cycle, if the female dogs get spayed, hopefully, they get a less chance of developing breast cancer. However, at an early age, spaying of dogs will alter their hormonal balance, which will also help them to hold off cancer in their future. Even, at a young age, male dogs get a chance of spayed, they never have a chance to get testicular cancer.

If we decide to bring a purebred dog to our home, we gently, concern about the development of cancer in them. For that, we have to check their line to see if the cancer was yet present. Very easily we can get access to this information from the shelter or breeder of our dog. For overall health, Oral care will be important for our dogs. But it’s important that when we are considering oral cares and how to prevent dogs from it.

Diagnosis cancer in our dogs is quite a common and scary thing for us. Still, it will be treatable, even curable. This will become true, only when cancer caught early. So, it’s our job to keep a keen eye on our dogs, especially on dogs of age 10. Considering vet will give more support to us to cure cancer in dogs.



The cause, effects and treatment for Addison’s disease in Dogs

addisons disease

The hypoadrenocorticism or adrenal insufficiency is familiarly known as “Addison’s” disease, which is not common in dogs, but it also has more chances to occur in them. The symptoms of this disease are so similar to other conditions, and because of this reason we might miss to notice the effects and we may not take that much serious about those effects. Currently, there are so many types of diagnose process and treatments available for identifying and curing Addison. Almost all the pet owners will always keep on eyeing their dogs and they keenly follow their dogs’ activities. If we find out any difference or the first sign of sickness, immediately take that dog to the hospital and give sufficient treatment.

What is Addison’s disease?

Addison is a condition that affects the adrenal glands, which are located at top of the kidney. The outer area of these glands is called as cortex, which is responsible for secreting corticosteroid hormones. This process is commonly known as ‘cortisol’ and aldosterone. If the secretion of those hormones varies from either too low or too high in the overall levels, then the situation leads to Addison’s disease. Moreover, an array of serious problems may affect the dog’s health, if the disease is not treated properly.

This disease exists based on three forms, such as, primary, secondary and atypical. If the adrenal glands have been damaged, then it denotes either primary or atypical Addison. The secondary Addison’s disease is developed when the pituitary gland failing to stimulate the adrenals with a specified type of hormone known as ‘adrenocorticotropic’. At first, we must know about the type of Addison’s disease that the dog suffers from, so as to get a clear sketch to give proper treatment to the affected dogs.

Causes of Addison’s disease

There are three major reasons for Addison, which are given below:

  • Deficiency in the adrenocorticotropic hormone.
  • Metastatic tumours (the tumours that have spread from another area of the body).
  • A withdrawal of the glucocorticoid hormone, which occurs over a long period of time.

Symptoms of Addison’s disease in dogs

sick dog

The symptoms of Addison can be so indistinct. The main symptom is that, the disease affected dogs may start losing the sparkle in their eye. In addition to this, they can sometimes seem listless and depressed due to that fade in the sparkle. However, there are yet many other symptoms as listed below:

  • Lethargy.
  • Hair loss.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Weight loss.
  • Dehydration.
  • Weakened pulse.
  • A drop in body temperature.
  • Pain in the hind quarters.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Increased thirst and urination.
  • Shakes, shivering, or muscle tremors.
  • Sudden collapsing or fainting.
  • Blood found in feces.
  • Pain in the abdomen area.
  • Muscle weakness, unable to jump onto furniture or go up steps.

One of the most common symptoms that is more scariest is, when the adrenal glands become so damaged that makes the affected dogs to have the episode of Addisonian crisis. If this happens, potassium levels will increase, which will disrupt the normal functions of the heart and can even cause arrhythmia and maybe kidneys will also start to fail.

Diagnosing Addison’s Diseases

taking blood sample

When we take our dog to the vet suspecting for Addison’s disease, at first they will test the dog’s electrode levels particularly for finding out the ratios of both sodium and potassium. If the dog has Addison’s disease, then that dog likely have low potassium level and high sodium level. Eventhough the electrode levels testing are so important, however, these levels alone will not perfectly diagnose the Addison’s disease. Moreover, these electrode levels do not show any difference when the dog has been suffering by secondary or atypical Addison.

In that situation, the vet will need to perform an ACTH stimulation or response test. This diagnosing test will determine corticosteroid hormone cortisol production capability of the adrenal glands. One blood sample will be taken first to see where the cortisol levels are currently situated. After that, the dog will be injected with a pituitary hormone, which will send the signal to the adrenal glands to produce cortisol. The injection needs nearly one hour to fully work and once that time is over, again the vet will have to take another blood sample for testing the cortisol levels. When the cortisol hormone level has not changed or still remains low, then the diagnosis of Addison’s diseases will get conclusive.

These blood sample tests are typically enough to diagnose Addison’s disease. Moreover, there are steps that will be finished beforehand to try and make it as comfortable and non-invasive as possible for our dog. These steps will include an entire medical history as well as the symptoms that our dog has been experiencing. Urine tests and physical examinations will most likely also be done before the cortisol test. If the vet is still having any doubts in the diagnosis, x-rays and ultrasounds may also be done for clarifying whether the adrenal glands have enlarged or shrunk from their normal size.

Treatment of Addison’s disease

dog injection

The treatment for this disease will depend upon how deeply our pet has been affected. If the condition has become severe, sufficient hospitalisation and intensive therapy may be required initially. In case the dog is severely dehydrated, fluids given intravenously, which may also be a part of the treatment.

Once we have been diagnosed the most severe symptoms from the dog, then we must need a regular and consistent treatment and also ensure a proper report that the dog doesn’t suffer anymore disease. The underlying treatment is the only way to control the deficiency of hormones in the adrenal glands. According to this treatment, the hormone replacement therapy will be required.

Hormone replacement therapy will be very intensive treatment at first. We must check the levels of hormones regularly for the first four weeks. The dog will need to be taken to the vet for that therapy. This way of treatment only makes the vet take properly records, maintain, and adjust the amount of hormones our dog needs. Once this initial therapy is complete and then the correct hormone dosage has been determined, the injections can usually be given on the monthly or every three weeks basis. During hormone replacement therapy both initial and on-going treatments must be followed properly. Especially, the electrode levels will also be checked regularly and ensure that they are at adequate levels. The disease of our pet will be maintained properly and reports of the various tests will also be checked regularly. Addison’s disease in dogs can be a very serious condition, but it’s definitely not a fatal one. The owner takes great precaution activities, proper treatment and compliance with their pet. If we follow these instructions, then dogs who suffer from Addison’s disease can still continue on to live healthily.


Where to Find Puppies for Adoption


When looking for a puppy to bring home you have many options. From color, to breed, to sex, these questions are just as important as how you will obtain the puppy. While breeders are typically a rather costly option, many people turn to the local animal shelter to find their new puppy. Sure, the puppy may not have a long lineage of show dogs or be a full breed. However, puppies for adoption can offer the same amount of love and loyalty as a full bred puppy. It all boils down to preference whether it is based on financial or personal factors. In this article I will guide you through the best venues available when it comes to puppies for adoption.

Of course your local animal shelter of Humane Society is always a great start. Places like this are there just for that purpose. Abandoned and stray animals are brought to such said shelters in hopes that someone will want to adopt them. Puppies for adoption offer some things that puppies purchased through breeders or pet stores may not. Puppies for adoption are current on shots and basic medical care, and have often been tested for temperament. This is one reason I suggest shelters to families with small children that are looking for a pet. This compatibility screening helps ensure the safety of the animal as well as that of the family. Some shelters even offer websites so you can browse puppies for adoption before you drive to the location.

In addition to your local animal rescues, you can also find puppies for adoption through under the “pets” category. While it is illegal by Craigslist standards to outright sell animals on Craigslist it is not uncommon to find animals available for adoption purposes.

Some pet stores offer monthly adoption drives within their stores. Companies such as Pet’s Mart do things like this on a regular basis. While these puppies may cost a little more than at a shelter, it is under the pretense of adoption.

With so many animals in shelters, adoption is crucial. Puppies for adoption are just as cute, playful, and full of love as any other type of puppy. In fact, it has been said that puppies that were rescued tend to be more attached to their owners when compared to puppies that have been obtained in other manners. There are many types of puppies available for adoption every day, just waiting for a loving family or individual to take them home. Adopting a puppy can fulfill your life and home unlike anything else. Before you buy, consider adopting your next puppy.

Where To Find Free Puppies


Puppies, while being adorable can also cost you a pretty penny. That is of course you know where to find them for free. Finding free puppies is something that can be done quite easily as long as you know where to look. Granted, they may not be full bred puppies but they are still puppies nonetheless. Puppies that might otherwise wind up in a shelter are often free, henceforth why they are being given away to good homes.

There are many different places that you can find free puppies. I would suggest that the first place you look is the classified advertisement section in your local newspaper. Additionally, look at any virtual boards that may be associated with those newspapers.

Newspapers are a great start, but by no means the only recourse available for finding free puppies. If your search in the newspaper is to no avail, the next stop is the Internet. Good old is my second advised stop. To find free puppies on Craigslist look under “for sale-free” and “pets”. These two categories will produce the most amounts of results if there are any free puppies currently available.


Take a stop by your local community buildings. This can include community centers, libraries; basically any community oriented public building. Why do you ask? These buildings all have one common denominator…bulletin boards. These boards are typically chock full of ads posted by people within your community trying to sell items and services. Free puppies and kittens are frequently posted in bulletins like this. While you are at it, check your local grocery stores as well. Most grocery stores have bulletin spaces available right when you walk in.

The last stop if the previous suggestions have not been fruitful would be the shelters. Shelters may not necessarily offer free puppies, but they will be low cost. Additionally, shelters can also assist you in your query. The staff can often instruct you as to where else you may want to look.

Keep in mind that many individuals prefer puppies and kittens when they are looking to adopt a pet for one reason alone-they are cuter than adult animals. This makes finding free puppies harder than say a free dog. However, they are available from time to time and these are the best places to find free puppies. Be patient, you will be able to find a free puppy it just may take some time. You can also post ads on sites like stating that you are looking for a free puppy. Sometimes these ads will spur individuals that are offering them to respond prior to posting an ad of their own. Good luck in your quest to find a free puppy!

Dogs for Sale-Basics to Keep in Mind


Finding the best places to purchase a dog is a fairly in depth search. Many people fail to take certain factors into consideration when trying to find dogs for sale. This is especially true for individuals that are undergoing this process for the first time. Questions that you should bear in mind when trying to find a dog for sale what kind of dog are I looking for? What kind of certification does the breeder have? What is the breeder’s reputation like?

While many people in the market so to speak for a dog are often looking for a full bred animal. Dogs for sale according to breed can be found in various ways. The most common ways to find dogs for sale include the Internet and the local newspaper classified ads. If it is a common breed, it is easier to find the dog of your choice at reasonable price. As with anything else, the more desirable and the rarer, add to the selling price. Simple business, folks.

If you have searched through the classified ads in your local newspapers, the next step would be the Internet. The Internet is a great resource for finding anything and everything and dogs are no different. You could search by the breed itself, and then close in to local breeders. The Internet also allows you to put a deposit down through a credit card or PayPal account. However, a word to the wise…if you are wishing to purchase  a dog  through a breeder online I would suggest you do your research prior to putting money down.

Finding a dog for sale is the easy part. Once you have established the source, research it. Conduct a search of the breeder’s reputation regarding business practices as well as the animals and their info. You will want to know genetic backgrounds to ensure that you are indeed purchasing a healthy dog. Many backyard breeders inbreed causing a great deal of genetic hardships. You can always ask the breeder for information as to your prospective dog’s lineage. You can also check their AKC licensing.

Full bred dogs are a large investment both monetarily and emotionally. This is a process which should not be taken lightly. Remember when looking for a dog for sale that you are adamant about background information. Making an informed decision when looking to purchase a dog for sale will reduce the risk of emotional and financial hardship incurred by veterinary bills and outside expenses. By remembering these dogs for sale basics you will be more likely to be successful and pleased with your decision to purchase a dog.

Best Places to Find Free Dogs

shiba inu

Want to bring home a cute and fluffy friend for the kids? Don’t have the money to pay for high breeder costs? If you know where to look, you can find free dogs. Finding free dogs is dependent upon knowing where to look. In this article I will tell you the best place to look for free dogs.

Local shelters, although they typically charge for adoption fees will at times defer this fee. Additionally, some shelters will offer financial assistance. I have experienced situations where the animal was going to be put down so the shelter just gave me the animal. With the increase in animals being left at shelters you may even be able to ask them to foster an animal.

Community boards are a great place to find free dogs. People give away animals to good homes for many reasons. Check community boards at your local grocery stores, libraries, and even town hall. Any community resource that offers posting space is bound to have something. You could even post your own ad stating that you are looking for a free dog or what have you. Who knows, you may save a dog from a trip to the local animal shelter. is a great virtual source for finding free dogs. As it is against the policies established by Craigslist, individuals are not allowed to charge for animals. The best categories to find free dogs are “free” and “pets”. However, if the dog is listed under the “pets” category they may charge an adoption fee. Breeders are also prohibited from posting the sales of animals on Craigslist.

MySpace classifieds is another virtual resource to help you find an animal. Many of the animals given away through MySpace are cats and kittens, but they have been known to offer free dogs.

With these resources in tow, you should have a good starting point towards finding a free dog. With the amount of animals that are being put into shelters increasing daily, finding a free dog shouldn’t be too difficult. Most owners would sooner give an animal away and know it would be safe and taken care of then dropping it off at a shelter. When individuals lose their homes from foreclosure, they often leave their pet aside to fend for itself. This is becoming more and more common an occurrence. This is why it is easier to find free dogs and cats these days. Check throughout your community, you could even ask local shelters if they have any advice. These are the best places to find free dogs. Good luck in your search for a free dog!

Top Five Reasons to Choose Dog Adoption

dog adoption

Dog may be man’s best friend, but when is the last time you helped our furry friends? If you are contemplating buying a dog, I have one question for you. Have you considered your options? By this I mean have you considered dog adoption? Far too many people are too quick to run to a pet store or breeder without first considering this option. There are many reasons to choose dog adoption as opposed to choosing your new canine from a store or breeder.

The top five reasons to choose dog adoption are as follows:

  1. By using dog adoption you are saving lives- When you adopt, you are saving the dog you choose from the possibility of euthanasia. Additionally, when you choose to adopt a dog you are making room in the shelter which can help to save more lives. Shelters have a maximum capacity in which they are allowed to care for. By choosing dog adoption you allow another animal the chance to be taken care of.
  2. Many shelter dogs are adult- Adult dogs tend to have undergone temperament training. This is a tremendous benefit to families with small children looking for a pet.
  3. Shelter dogs have distinct bonds with owners- Many shelter dogs have never known a real home, or have lived as strays for long periods of time. Dog adoption can be their opportunity to experience what life has to offer. For this reason shelter dogs are more bonded to their owners. They are grateful and show it with their loyalty.
  4. The cost factor of dog adoption is far less than if you were to buy dog-Fees associated with dog adoption is minimal. In addition, shelter dogs are current on shots and more often than not fixed prior to adoption. This help to minimize pet care expenses.
  5. Shelter dogs are often house broken-As many of the dogs in shelters are adult; chances are they have already been house broken. It may take a few days for him or her to adjust to their new home, but they understand the basics.

Over 7 million animals are currently being housed in shelter facilities. Shelters become overpopulated when people rely solely on breeders and pet stores. By utilizing dog adoption, you can help take some of that burden off of a shelter. Additionally the dog you adopt will be spared from the possibility of euthanasia. Bringing home a shelter dog, or even fostering until adoption is available is a great way to feel good and help our furry friends. Hopefully these top five benefits of dog adoption will encourage you to take action.