If You Ever Spot Your Dog Doing This, They May Be Trying To Tell You Something Very Important

Obviously, we might know well about our pets and their behaviour, but, just knowing about them, would not be enough for bringing up them. Instead, we need to read them through their eyes and gestures; thereby, we can easily figure out what is going on in our pet’s minds. Hence, just look out these few simple tips that would definitely let you to know about your cute pups as well as “a dog thing”.

1. Pups Eyes, Will Say a Lot

Just meet your eyes with your little pup’s eyes, to know his feelings and his needs. Usually, pups will begin to stare for showing his unconditional love towards his owner or his favourite person. Thereby, it will let you know that he needs extra cuddling and petting. More than that, it is a sign that he is ready to play with you.

2. It Is Not Always Means That You Need to Throw a Ball or a Toy, Whenever Your Dog Might Bring It to you

Yes, we have seen this plenty of times with our pet. If your pet brings a toy or a ball, it doesn’t always mean that, you need to through it. In reality, throwing his favourite toys may hurt his feelings. Instead he tells you, to engage in a play along with him with his favourite toy or a ball. Or else, he is offering his favourite toys for you, to enjoy with them.

3. Sleeping Pups, On Your Side

Rather than dogs, Pups more often like to sleep with their favourite person’s side. Because, it is the inherit quality of a pup to sleep intimately with their mother and other puppies. Further, they will feel good when they are sleeping at the side of theirs’ favourite, lovable person.

4. Dogs Would Go Madly Happy, When You Get Home

Since, your dog has been waiting for you, he will go furiously happy, at once he sees you getting home. That’s why, each time he will put you down and lick your face together with wagging his tail. It seems a terrible situation to handle him, but this will give an extremely good feeling within us. And moreover, we love to watch this when our cute buddies do this.

5. The Quite and Calm Face

Dogs mostly gawk quietly, while we are leaving them at home for work. But this calm behaviour really meant about the trust that he had in their owner. And he truly believes that, his person is going to come back for him. That’s why he will certainly shows off this calm demeanour.

6. Pay Attention To His Eyes

Just pay attention to his eyes and he will definitely let you to know, what exactly he thinks and his needs, along by showing certain gestures. Most of the owners never pay attention to their pets’ eyes. But you should remember that, dogs cannot speak, hence, it can only let you to know about his things, only through his eyes and gestures. Many researches have proved that, while during a communication with humans, dog’s eyes would have become more expressive. Hence, concentrate in his eyes and gestures, when he wishes to convey something to you.

7. After a Meal

Obviously, we know after having a stomach full of food, most of the dogs seemed to be very naughty and playful. Even sometimes they behave extremely funny will all running, chasing, biting, fetching and so on. In case, if it does all these things amusingly to you right after having a food, this certainly tells that you are his best friend.

8. Does Dogs Leaning means “Hugging”?

A dog that has the feeling of insecurity or being shy with the surroundings, would lean towards his person legs, for security. Further, it is an act, from which, he will gain confidence.

On the other hand, leaning is also meant as an expression of love toward his person, in various circumstances. Hence, “dog leaning” means “hug” from them, to his lovable person. Hence, don’t miss when he gives you a big hug next time! This means, dog leaning toward your body with all his weight.

9. If Your Dog Feels Comfortable Enough, He May Yawns In Front Of You And Around You

Yawning is one kind of dog’s attitude, which varies according to different situations. If your dog yawns in front of you, it denotes that, it feels really comfortable around your presence. And, it may happen at a game play and any outdoor activities and watching out a movie together.

10. If You’re Pup Flicks Their Tongue

This will have different answers, that depends on the situation, a pup may flick their tongue:

  • For being naughty and excited;
  • When they are relaxed, casual and calm;
  • Or else, they will flick their tongue in an uncomfortable or unwanted interaction or conversation with someone.

11. When Your Dog Sits On Your Feet?

It signifies, he likes to be with you all the time, so that he will tell everyone, that you are his lovable person.

Also this action represents to seek your attention and love.

12. Chewing And Biting – It’s a Sign

Are you worried about your dog that often chewing on household things?

It might be harmful for both your dogs and also for your household belongings that makes your dog’s digestive system to go worse. Chewing and biting of the valuable items does mean that, your dog is being bad; instead it points out, your dog’s needs proper exercise. In case, if you are maintaining your dog with a right exercise, and still this kind of behaviour would persist; then it is a sign for more physical exercise, he needs.

Teething in Puppies: But, in the case of a pup it is entirely different, when they are at teething stage, they chew on almost everything that they would see, because while on teething it can be painful, so in order to get relief from pain and discomfort, they chew on the items.

13. Yawning May Be A Sign For Feeling Anxious

If your dog is feeling anxious or it may be uncomfortable in a situation or a new surroundings, it may yarns. Sometimes, it is a sign for gaining attention from his owner, or else, it is trying you convey his inconvenience to his person, such as, when on leash control; wants him to take somewhere out for the toilet, etc. So yawning may be sign, which has different sense on different circumstances.

14. Raised One Paw Up

If your dogs do this, then it indicates that your dog is trying to figure out something that he is looking out. While, on concentrating curiously on something such as birds, insects and other unknown things or creatures, dogs would exhibit this type of action. They often do this, particularly when they are exposed to a new environment. Sometimes, they do even for preying and hunting purposes.

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