Best Dog Food for Maltese Dogs

When it comes to feeding our dogs, we always want to make sure that we are feeding them a healthy and balanced diet. While some breeds can be fed just about anything, there are other breeds that have more specific requirements. The Maltese is one such breed that requires more attention when it comes to feeding them properly. These dogs have the tendency to be more susceptible to conditions like hypoglycemia and so it is important to feed your Maltese a good brand of premium dry dog food.

Diet and Nutrition Needs

Since the Maltese are small dogs, they don’t usually need much food. For a five pound dog, the average calorie requirements are 165 cal for older dogs, 200 cal for typical adult dogs and 300 cal for active or working dogs. However, do talk to your vet to determine the right amount of food your dog requires.

  • Protein – Protein is very important for a Maltese dog. These little dogs don’t require much exercise and if you don’t feed them the right kind of food, they are likely to gain weight. Choosing protein-rich food can help your pup stay lean and healthy. A dog food with a protein content of at least 25% is recommended for small dogs like the Maltese.
  • Carbohydrates – It is better to go for complex, slow-burning carbs instead of giving your dog complex and starchy carbohydrates. The best sources of such carbs are sweet potatoes. Grains like oats, barley and brown rice are also good for your Maltese provided he has no digestive problems.
  • Fats – Maltese dogs are well-known for their soft and silky hair. To maintain such beautiful hair, you need to feed your pet a good diet rich in good fat and omega fatty acids. Fish and flax are examples of foods containing good fat.

Let’s have a look at a few of the best dog foods for your Maltese dog that combines healthy ingredients and good taste:

Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry for Small Breed Dogs – Wholesome Chicken

This is a wonderful dog food that contains whole chicken, whole eggs, chicken liver and salmon as ingredients, thus providing a protein content of about 28%.  It does not contain any meat meal or rendered meat, which is actually great. The sources of carbs in this dog food are oats and barley whereas the sources of fats are whole salmon and flaxseed. Oats and barley may not be the best choice if your Maltese has tummy problems. Since the fat content is quite low, you may have to provide a supplement. Overall,  this is a great dog food for your Maltese.

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Freedom Grain Free Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

This is another good dog food that contains high-quality ingredients and a protein content of about 25%. Deboned turkey is the main ingredient, although it also contains turkey meal, which provides  the protein. The carbs come mostly from potatoes and in some cases vegetables, like peas. Most of the fat comes from canola oil.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Small Breed Adult Formula

One of the major advantages of this dog food is that the protein content comes from three different animal sources. It contains no meat byproducts, wheat, or artificial flavors/preservatives. A great thing about this dog food is that it contains a wide range of  fruits and veggies including tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, apples and sweet potatoes.

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken & Rice Dog Food

This is another good recipe by Blue Buffalo. Although most of the ingredients are the same as the other formula mentioned above, it also includes rice. It contains plenty of produce, reasonable amounts of protein from good sources, good fats and slow-burning carbs. Overall, this is a good option worth trying.

Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

The Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food is quite good, although it is just not as well rounded. It is rather heavy on the grains. However it does contain a good selection of produce, which comes from aged and dried ingredients instead of whole ingredients. It contains carrots, which is good for your Maltese’s eyesight.


According to The American Maltese Association, you should never feed your Maltese dog, cooked bones or table scraps. You should also avoid giving your dog chocolate, raisins, onions, avocados, macadamia nuts and alcohol. When it comes to nutrition for your Maltese, it is important that you choose the best food that delivers the right balance of nutrients that your dog requires without causing stomach problems or allergic reactions. The foods mentioned above are some of the best foods available that will help boost your dog’s health and well-being.

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