What It Is Like to Own a Beagle Lab Mix?

A Beagle Lab Mix is a beautiful hybrid that can be called one of the ‘designer dogs’ that are so fashionable these days. These are also referred to as Labbe, and the dogs come with a strong lean body and angular features. It is supposed to be a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a beagle, that has its origin in the U.S.

How Does the Beagle Lab Mix Look Like?

It comes with a smooth coat, and the beagle looks closer to the Labrador in size. This is particularly evident in its coat, face and muzzle. It has the most distinct look in the canine world, and it has soulful, soft eyes that make the dog look like a puppy even when it is an adult.

However, once it is an adult, it has a strong body frame and size. The beagle, due to its lab genes, can grow as tall as 24 inches. It also has unique coat colors, like chocolate, yellow or black.

How does it behave?

It behaves much like what a crossbred dog should. Labs are widely known as hunting dogs, and a beagle lab mix is a great hunting dog. It can follow scents easily. It has tremendous brainpower and can quickly pick up things, if trained with firmness and diligence. It is curious and intelligent, which makes him perfect for outdoor situations.

Although beagles can be very stubborn, labbes are more adaptable. Its soft, patient and playful personality makes it a great play-pal for kids. Outgoing by nature, it loves every bit of the attention that kids shower on it. Labbes are great swimmers and love to play in wet surroundings.

What Can You Expect As a Labbe Owner?

You have to be equally high on energy if you wish to bring a labbe into your home. It loves backyards and large spaces, and is not meant for cloistered apartments. It loves fetch games and is perfect for sports such as Frisbee and Flyball.

It is important to give this dog plenty of activities to help burn off its energy, and avoid being fat. While you should provide it with high quality foods, stick to 1 ½ – 2 ½ cups, depending on its lifestyle and age.

How to Train a Labbe?

Be firm and patient in dealing with it. Otherwise, it will try to establish its ‘alpha’ status on you. It is highly intelligent as well as stubborn at times, which makes it slightly tough to train.

This breed tends to wander, and you have to look at and check its tendencies. Otherwise, it may dig a hole by your fence, wander off your property and do other annoying things. Try to keep it social, so that it is not inquisitive anymore.

How to Groom a Labbe?

You have to brush its coat once a week, to make it look shiny and healthy. It has a dense, short coat that does not need to be maintained that much. You should also check and clean its eyes, ears and teeth on a routine basis.

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