Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies are one of the most popular toy breeds with silky hair and a feisty personality. Full of energy and life, these tiny dogs have different nutritional requirements. Feeding small dogs can be quite hard because it is really easy to either overfeed or underfeed them. Since yorkies are prone to stomach problems, you have to be very careful while choosing a dog food for them. Here are a few facts that will help you buy the best dog food for your little buddy:

Nutritional Needs of Yorkies

Yorkies are tiny dogs that usually weigh between 3 and 8 pounds, and so they don’t require  much food. For a moderately active Yorkie that is on the smaller side of the weight range, about 150 calories would be required per day. For a bigger and active Yorkie, you can provide up to 200 calories per day. Since Yorkies have tiny stomachs, they won’t be able to handle two meals per day. Overeating can make them sick, so it’s better to split your dog’s food into four smaller meals a day.

Best Dog Food Ingredients for Yorkies

  • Protein – Just like all other dogs, Yorkies also need protein, especially protein from the muscles of animals. Some of the best protein sources include chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and fish.
  • Carbohydrates – When it comes to carbohydrates, you have to be a bit careful because certain types of carbohydrates, such as corn and soy can be really hard on your yorkie’s stomach. Avoid dog foods containing these ingredients, instead go for carb sources like sweet potatoes and rice.
  • Fats – Yorkies are famous for their beautiful silky hair and so they need good fats to maintain their awesome coats. The best way to provide good fats is to find a food that has fish oil in it.

Given below are some of the best dog foods for your Yorkie

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken & Rice

This brand has a lot of healthy stuff needed for a Yorkie. Most importantly, it doesn’t contain  soy or corn. All the protein in the food comes from chicken and no chicken byproducts are used. It also contains ingredients such as blueberries and cranberries that are rich in anti-oxidants. The Blue Buffalo brand is known for using  more natural ingredients and limiting the use of artificial preservatives. This food contains flaxseed that is a wonderful source of  Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Taste of the Wild Hi-Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison and Venison

This dog food is probably one of the best as it contains mostly natural ingredients. It is rich in  protein sources such as bison and venison. Instead of sweet potatoes or rice, the carbs come from dried chicory root. This  food does not contain corn or  soy. A great thing about the Taste of the Wild dog food is that it includes fish oil, which is a nice bonus.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato & Chicken

This is another good dog food that has a limited number of ingredients. The protein comes from chicken and chicken meal while the carbs come from sweet potatoes. However, unlike most dog foods, the main ingredient here is sweet potatoes instead of protein. The shape and size of the kibble is such that it helps keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Wellness Complete Health for Small Breeds

The great thing about this food is that it has  a slightly higher protein content of 28%, which comes from three sources of animal protein. Most of the carbs come from sweet potatoes and the food also includes ground flaxseed instead of fish oil. Although it contains a number of chemicals in the ingredients, the main ingredients are really healthy.

Wellness CORE Small Breed

This dog food has a slightly higher protein content in addition to a number of other different ingredients that are good for dogs like Yorkies. It does not contain any grains or animal byproducts. The food contains salmon oil that tastes really good and  helps keep the coat shiny and beautiful. It also includes Glocusamine and Chondroitin, that is good for the health of the bone and joints.

The best way to ensure that your Yorkie’s nutritional needs are met is to feed him a high-quality small-breed specific recipe, such as the ones mentioned above. These formulas are usually prepared with good amounts of protein and moderate to high levels of fat. Finally, there are certain foods you should avoid giving your Yorkie, such as the Hill’s Science Diet foods  and Pedigree foods, as both of them contain corn.

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