Can Dogs use Baby Shampoo?

Every dog stinks, and yours does probably too. If you love your dog and want to keep it clean and smelling nice, you need to give it a regular bath. You might have heard how using baby shampoo can be great for bathing your dog. While you might feel dismissive, and think that baby shampoo is meant only for babies, it is time that you read on and know why it can be a good idea to use baby shampoo on your pooch.

Why Use Shampoos On Your Dog?

Dogs can get into some bad stuff, and are unable to clean themselves properly once they do so. They have to be protected from dirt, debris, contaminants and various other materials that can accumulate in their coat and be a magnet for bacteria, thus causing infection. Your canine companion can also get ticks now and then, and might need a shampoo bath to get these out properly.

According to experts, dogs should be given a bath at least once every month. This will ensure that nothing bad unexpectedly accumulates on their coat. When your dog is shampooed, the pH levels in its coat are preserved. This helps prevent viruses and bacteria even more.

Can You Use Baby Shampoo for Bathing Your Dog?

You might have heard your next-door neighbor or experts on TV talking about how they bathe their dogs with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. You might have felt slightly skeptical, but the method actually works.

Baby shampoos, such as those from Johnson & Johnson, are designed to be soft – particularly due to the eyes, skin and hair of babies being fragile. Due to this reason, these are also soft enough not to have corrosive or otherwise damaging effects on dogs. Most of the baby shampoos are a lot softer today than at any time before, which makes them more convenient to use on your pooch.

That being said, it is always preferable that you use a dog shampoo.

Which Other Shampoos You Should Use?

It is not that you should make a rush for only Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo for your pooch, simply because it is allowed. There are many other better options, formulated especially for dogs. Many of these items can be found with dog groomer or local dog spa, and you can ask them about the items that they use while shampooing dogs.

It is essential to use the right type of shampoo, given that the pH levels of dogs differ from that of humans. Dog shampoos are specifically formulated to restore the pH levels to that specific level. Unlike baby shampoos, these can add luster and shine to dog coats.

Do not use standard shampoos, designed for humans, on your dog. Ensure that you use either dog shampoo that is specially designed or a baby shampoo. Even when a baby shampoo works, it tends to dry out the coat of a dog, which can be harmful for them. Keep in mind that the health of a dog coat is very important to consider.

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