The charming Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

From the toy breeds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the tallest and largest. They follow their masters everywhere they go and mark their laps as their personal domain. Hikes and long walks are a fun activity for them. Do not underestimate their small size, because they are going to be as active as you are.

This beautiful breed comes from the noble and royal courts of Europe and their history can be traced back to 15th century. They are comforter dogs who would do anything to make their masters smile. A well-bred Cavalier is always in a good mood, easy going and trusting companion. Today, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is becoming increasingly popular as a toy breed. They are small, attractive, loving and playful.


They will follow you from room to the bathroom, to office, and to home. Leaving them alone for hours is never recommended, as they are prone to depression. They like being in company. They are willing to be trained and are generally obedient. In agility, they can easily be compared to any larger breed. They have amazing instincts and would immediately be able to tell if you are worried. With older people, they will sit quietly and the opposite is true for young adults.

But sometimes this dog can be stubborn and dumb. This is mostly a genetic issue. A Cavalier with depressed and not so well trained parents would show signs of dumbness and stubborn behavior. Harsh words would never do for them. Give them reward every time they do something nice and give time to their training. Once trained, they will be as obedient as you want them to be.

Grooming and maintenance

Although they are a coated breed- it is easy to groom them. Their silky and medium length coat would not get heavy. Give them five minutes of brushing and all the dirt and lose hair would shed easily. Like most of the toy dogs, they shed in fall and spring. If you give them a shower on regular basis, it would not be an issue to get rid of the lose hair.

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