Different Types of German Shepherds

Breeders make different experiments and are able to make different variations of German Shepherds. Through such experiments, they can create rare types of breed and white German Shepherds are one of those rare breeds. Actually, German Shepherds are bred for services like police, military, etc. and they have also been proved greatly intelligent and obedient dog for your household. There are several people who prefer to be old school and like to have the purebred German shepherd as their pet. Still, we are here today to give you ideas about German shepherd and its types.

The Variety Lines of German shepherd

If you have no ideas about German shepherd and think all dogs of this breed are same, then this is wrong. There are several lines of breeds and the old-fashioned German shepherds are one of the line. All these lines of breeds are created for specific activities-

  1. International Working Line – These German Shepherds don’t have adorable looks. As they are bred for specific activities, look is not taken much care of while creating the line.
  1. International Show Line – If you want a German shepherd that looks smart and better, you should choose this bred; though they are not as active as the previous line of breed.
  1. North American Show Lines – This line of breed need special mention. They are also created for look but with certain variations. They come with sharper angulations and sloped back. There are debates among dog specialist whether they belong to the line of German shepherd breed or can be considered as completely different bred. But, breeders are arguing that changes are made only to the looks, but not to its working attributes.

Old Style German shepherd

All of these above breeds are created later. But, there is another line of breed of German shepherd which is known as Old-style German shepherd and they are almost purebred and brought from Germany years ago. The main difference between these breed and the normal and present breeds of German Shepherds is in size. While the regular breeds are 24 to 26 inches tall, the Old Style German Shepherds are taller them by four inches and they weighs around 54kg. Along with this, the old-style German Shepherds have bigger heads, straight back, no angulations and they have more poised and noble look.

But, these changes in different breeds are mostly in look. The working abilities are almost same in all lines of breed.

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