Know Your Pug a Little Bit More

You will be surprised to know that the pug was bred only to give human being the companionship and love that is fading from their life! Yes, if German shepherd is for guarding and protecting, Labrador retriever is for hunting, this small little cute pug is only for spreading love. And if you love them in return, they will be the happiest. Are you planning to bring one at home? Know a bit about it.


Though pugs are one of the most important dogs of toy breed, this is the largest of the breed. They are in rectangular body shape and their length is around 10 to 12 inches. Usually, a pug weighs around 14 to 18 pounds.


Usually, pugs are of black and fawn color. But there are varieties of shades of fawn color. You can find pugs of fawn coloration that varies from apricot to silver. Black pugs don’t have that much variation of shades, but some of them have white mark on their chest. The fawn colored pugs have black nose, mouth and ears which gives them a masked look which is really very interesting. Pug breeds are favorite to human being for their fur. Their fur is extremely soft, almost gives you a feeling of touching velvet.

Pug’s Tail

Discussing about the pug and not mentioning its cute little tail is not done. Pug’s tail is rolled in very tightly. The tail of pug also shows its mood and health. If your pug keeps its tail rolled down and keeps it lower that means it is tired, exhausted or sick.


The appearance and body shape cause certain health issues for your little pug. As it has a pressed face, almost like bulldog, they have difficulty in breathing. That’s why they must be checked well in warm weather and also you must not let them exercise a lot. Due to flat face, pugs have lots of wrinkles and lines on its face including forehead. It is the duty of the owner to keep the folds and wrinkles clean to save your dear pug from skin rashes, infection and irritation.

Is It Good for Your House

Only if you want a lovable dog to cuddle with, then go for it. Pugs are not good as sturdy guard dog as they are quite small. But, they prove to be good watchdogs.

So, here you know how pug can be your best companion and can be one of the most important family members.

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