How to Civilize Your Maltese Puppy

Have you brought a Maltese puppy at home? You must be getting irritated with its continuous barking or peeing everywhere. You have to be patient. The new puppy is just wild and not accustomed with the new atmosphere. It is your duty to train your dog and make it civilize. Remember, Maltese are trainable dogs and they can be a bundle of fun at your house once you have a trained one. How to train them?

Things to Do While Training Your Maltese

There are certain things you need to remember while training your Maltese puppy. Maltese can go well with every member of your family and other dogs, but you need to train it in that way.

  • While training Maltese, you should think like it. It feels great to think your dog as your best friend, but after all, it is a dog. It won’t understand your verbal language. It won’t understand why it can bark at strangers but not at family members. Thinking like Maltese can be done in several ways.
  • No matter how much evolutions have taken place, still dogs come from the wolf pack. And they prefer to be in packs. While they are at your house, they assume the family members as the member of the pack. You should play the alpha dog of this pack. Then only your Maltese will listen to you. They will feel safe and secured in the pack.
  • So, be the boss of the pack and that is the only way to train your Maltese. While training it, you should be strict and consistent. No matter how cutely it looks at you or try to escape, you should not let your grip lose.
  • While commanding it, you should be consistent. If it is not allowed to sit on sofa, not even occasionally let it be there.
  • If your Maltese growls at you, do it back, fiercely. You can also eat in front of its eyes before feeding it. These tactics will make your Maltese obedient.
  • If you have a puppy, try to train it from the first day you bring it at home. This will let it realize who pack leader is and it will get used to with orders.
  • No matter how frustrating the training session is, you should never hit or yell at your dog. Any such activities will make it only fear you and mistrust you.

Making your Maltese puppy civilize is not very difficult; but you must have patience while doing it. If needed, you can take professional help.

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